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Not for children, or big babies, 31 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's been a lot of strong cartoon violence over the past years, but the difference is that unlike those shows, this has no plot, it just has violence, which is nice :)

This is one of the only shows I've ever come across which has the violence itself as the only reason in order to watch it, and it works pretty well, and it is so simple. All it is is a bunch of super cute animals in very normal situations, which spirals into a very violent situation, fun! :D it's not exactly a brand new idea but the people who have made this show have pulled it off very well.

One of the things that makes me laugh at this show, apart from the disembowelling fun, is the fact that the simplest objects and places can end up becoming death traps e.g. the lemonade stand, where the top swings down and takes the face off one of the characters, that would never really happen. It's like they've taken all possibilities for violence and stretched it out to outrageous lengths, which of course there's nothing wrong with in this case.

Something else that grabbed my attention is that if you were to take out the violence, and possibly Flippy, then you'd have an ideal kid's show, which of course would only then last 10 seconds per episode.

Although the violence is the main point of the show, ultimately sooner or later it'll be the end of the show. Of course the violence is inventive and fun to watch, but eventually it'll become boring to watch and so there will be no reason to watch it anymore. Best thing is to just enjoy it while it remains entertaining.

Overall, a great, entertaining, violent, gruesome, gory (and all other words relating to violence) show. Simple to make, no brain needed an a good laugh.

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There is no god..., 10 June 2007

What the hell is going on here? Is this someone's response for the demand of better programmes on the TV? Is this the revolution of the morons? Am I gonna run out of sentences here? NO I WON'T!!! I could go on forever pondering why this pile of utter crud has made it onto TV but it's a sure sign that England is surely losing brain cells and humanity. Being someone who was born here it makes me sad and furious that England could create something so foul, so unwatchable that it makes people want to die. The only thing that doesn't surprise me about this program is the fact that it is on Channel 4, I mean it seems to be the one where it shows all the idiotic, talentless celebs who couldn't tell a pile of sand from a glass window. What's ironic about this is that channel 4 once hosted a programme about the death of celebrity, and this is the same channel that hosts Big Brother which gives these morons the attention they do not deserve. GROW A BRAIN CHANNEL 4!!

What makes this programme so bad? Well first it's absolutely boring. I mean in the words of Billy Connely "People are sitting in a house, watching people sit in a house!". I mean tell me if I've missed something but what is the attraction of watching a bunch of people with the I.Q. of a sandwich sit in a house? The sex? GROW UP!! I mean it is better to stare out of a window than watch this, that's reality TV too, and far more interesting.

If you ask me this is what is causing the death of celebrity. It's just proof that the standards of British TV is going down the drain. And the fact that it has gone on for now a 8th series just backs up the fact that TV is rotting.

The word to describe this hasn't been invented yet in my opinion.

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"Would you like a cup of tea father?", 9 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this is one of those rare strokes of greatness that only appear once in a blue moon. It's proof that the older sitcoms have always been the best ones. This is definitely one of my favourite sitcoms, it just has that right and rare mix of different attributes and characters which makes the whole thing work, and makes you want to keep watching it over and over again.

One of the funny things I found about this sitcom is the fact that each of the characters has his or her own strong, comical personality attribute which makes you want to love them e.g. Doogle being comically dim, Father Jack being constantly drunk and Mrs Doyle with her obsession for tea and sandwiches, the only normal person is Ted himself. These are not the only characters with their personality imbalances, most of the characters you come across when watching through the episodes have their own comic charm to them, and also the fact that they are different from each other makes it work together. with the situations that they get into.

This also adds to the general silliness of the whole sitcom genre. In fact I believe it's the strongest point of this sitcom, combining it with a strange world, strange places and wacky situations makes the whole thing hilarious. Having Grahamn Norton appear in some of the episodes was a very good choice. He played out his character really well e.g the episode in the really really dark caves (it's almost like being blind), the fact that he and a group was in a serious situation makes him stand out and very funny. Him constantly talking and talking and his version of Bohemian Rhapsody, while everyone else is depressed and worried makes it great.

I recommend this sitcom for everyone, except Catholics ^_^;

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A used tissue could've made a better film, 9 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I only watched this film on MST3K so I could bare watching the whole thing, but watching it on that show didn't take my attention away from the film itself. I could still notice the sadness and the general rubbish of the movie. It looked more like a music video for a 80s rock band than a actual movie.

There's a lot of bad points to this, such as the acting. It was boring, plain and it didn't make me react at all, just made me want to go to sleep more than anything. Also the acting of the mentally handicapped character was pretty unconvincing as well, and slightly offensive. I mean he was portrayed as somewhat of an idiot and someone who doesn't get anything, even the part when he was eating the dog food was completely wrong for the character he was supposed to play. It's not how it works and how the character should've been portrayed. I don't mean to make out that this movie is rubbish just because of this, it's rubbish for many reasons.

The action was like watching paint dry, I just couldn't get into it because it was just so corn. The fighting scenes for one was very slow, it seemed like they were both scared of injuring each other when they were fighting, even though they were wearing god knows what inches thick. It's all staged of course, but you have to make it seem like it isn't, which wasn't very well pulled off here, that along with the other forms of action within this movie such as the bike riding and carnage etc.

The only thing that was least unbearable about this movie was the theme. I mean an apocalyptic world is a good setting for a movie I've found with watching others such as Children of Men or The Matrix, but the difference between those movies and this one, is that they were very well written and everything about them was great and provoked the right reactions out of you when you watched them. But this, the only reason I didn't fall into a trance-like state was the fact I was watching it on MST3K, which is where it is only worth watching.

In short, boring, corny and generally you'd just rather go to sleep than watch it.

Epic Movie (2007)
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I'll never get that time back..., 9 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To put it simply, this film is complete rubbish. In some scenes it seemed more of a porno flick than a bad comedy. I'll never get those 70 minutes back.

To make a good spoof movie, you need good-witted writing and you also need to add some relation to movie within that joke, instead of just making some random pointless scene and pretending it's a spoof just because involves a character from a movie just like this title did. I mean in the Pirates of the Caribbean scene, where in the actual POTC movie did it involve half dressed women, gyrating in front of the camera? Same with the first scene of The Lion, Witch and the Waredrobe. That's not parody, it's stupid, a bucket of sand could've wrote better material than this.

Not only was the parody material very weak, the jokes (if there were any) and the humour in general was just not funny. I never even laughed or reacted at anything in this movie because there's nothing to laugh at.

Those are the two point's that stood out to me while making the huge mistake of watching this movie, that and the fact that it was just awful in general, not worth watching even just to kill a empty 70 minutes of time. For anyone planning to watch this movie, don't. Use you time more wisely. Go for a walk or read a book