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Disappointingly derivative, 25 December 2015

I went with my 8 year-old son, who was super excited beforehand, and wasn't disappointed.

But I was.

I imagine the writing team sat around a table and said "what are the iconic scenes from the previous films?", and then rehashed those into the script for The Force Awakens. That said, it was much better than episodes I through III, but that's not really saying a lot.

It was a very entertaining film, but it felt like a lazy / nostalgic reboot rather than a continuation of a classic series.

I hope the screenwriters can be a bit more original in the next film.

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A cracking episode, 4 May 2012

This episode just about has it all, and by this point it felt like the series had really hit its stride.

A cast of strong characters, all very human. Twists and turns, but nothing to break plausibility (as with a few of the earlier episodes / plot twists). There are tense moments, and also real tenderness between Theis and Pernille. It's tightly scripted, with no fat. After this episode my partner and I were completely hooked, and wanted to watch all remaining episodes back-to- back.

More than any murder mystery, The Killing has had us throwing out theories, trying to come up with suspects, and build a case with them. With this episode we probably reached our theorising peak.

disappointing, 29 September 2001

The first half of the film is pretty good, though some of the characters are a bit flat. From the mid-point on the plot doesn't really hang together, yet goes on longer than it needs to. Haley Joel's excellent, but is the only thing about the film that is.