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Stereotypes, but well played ones, 23 August 2003

Well I am in the middle of doing my thesis for my masters degree in history and my subject is the IRA. Now, this film, although it is quite good, beats around the stereotype picture I sometimes read about the English government would like to project as part of the criminalisation of the IRA. Hereby not defending any of the involved parts, I just find it sad to see, how narrowminded the irish basically are portrayed while the archtype of chivalry is of course english (and notice the stupid scotsman in the end of the movie). This could be something out of an english propaganda film!

If you look away from this, the movie is wellwritten and well played. there is a lot of human expressions of love and hate, and it all fits nicely together. I enjoyed the film, but thought that it just as well could have been a mobster movie...there were so many things that were wrong but still, it was nice... 5/10

Fun and relaxing, 24 November 2001

I enjoyed seing this series for a long time. As it was send at a late hour in Denmark, it practicaly always ruined my schooldays. It is subtle, warm and it is not afraid to adress more serious issues. One of the most important things is that it never drags the stuff out over several episodes, though it still have a red line throughout all the episodes. It does not contain the most thought-inspiring or worldshattering conclusions, but it is still a lot better than watching "Pacific Blue" or "air america".