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What a magical film., 1 March 2014

I started watching this film with no idea what is was about or what to expect. I'm happy to say I was blown away. I wish I hadn't watched it just so I could watch it for the first time again. What a beautiful story so well told, so touching and real. It makes me happy to know that films like this are still being made. Every single actor's performance was phenomenal. The cinematography is just right to match the mood and feeling of the story. I laughed, I cried, I felt such empathy for the characters even though I cannot personally relate to their circumstances. I would recommend this to anyone who likes heartfelt movies or good story well told.

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genuine feeling film, 18 January 2009

Honestly I found this movie to be a very enjoyable experience. The pacing was fantastic, the whole time I wanted a character to do this or that, but they didn't, so I'd get frustrated. But then a half hour later they'd do something twice as satisfying then what I had wanted them to do and with perfect timing. The movie starts off a little slow but let yourself get to know the characters, try to understand their points of view and guess how they became this way. By the end of the film everything is understood and it makes those first few scenes even better now that you understand why the characters where acting the way they were.

Elyse Friedman's writing feels genuine. The characters are rich, and the story plays out very well in getting to know those characters. At times you think you have one figured out and then you learn something new that changes who they are in your eyes. I love when a film can do that affectively and this one does. It feels like a character piece, but unlike most who overdo the story, this film is entertaining enough just getting to know the characters.

Craig Lucas does a great job directing the camera to support the performances. This film has a genuine indie feel. It's not forced it just fits.

The performances are also very appropriate for the feel of the film. Matthew Parry was a fantastic choice for his role. He acts by not overdoing it. He keeps his performance inside and in turn it seems more real on the outside. Ben Foster is perfect. He nails the character in a way that few actors could have pulled it off. He makes me want to meet Jay and have a conversation with him. I want to hang out with him and ask him about his perspectives on life. Lastly but certainly not least, was Ginnifer Goodwin. I want you Ginnifer, I want you so bad. She delivers a performance that is fantastic in its combination of both subtle and not so subtle moments. At times you have to look closely into her eyes to figure out what the character is feeling, other times it's displayed in her every expression and gesture.

I really am a tough critic most of the time, but I was just so surprised by this film that it sold me. I love it. I won't recommend it to all my friends because it is a film for people who love film and don't just want to see car chaises and sex scenes.