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Blown Away, 10 November 2015

There are very few shows that do something so rare that to capture it on camera is dazzling. This is one such show. In most shows acting is enough, and of course it's an art all in itself but nothing like this. This is a true ballet show where they don't fake the dancing. It's breathtaking in its complexity and a beautiful masterpiece when it all comes together.

The thing that makes this such a fantastic show besides the dancing is the story behind it. They incorporate a level of darkness which you almost never see on the screen. And when you do it's almost instantly fleeting. Not in this show though, they made it perfect. It's got such a resounding Janus feel to it, that it can be best described as daunting. Hat's off truly 10/10.

So Rare, 21 October 2015

It's truly my pleasure to see a show of this caliber done properly. It's been probably about half a decade since anything else came remotely close to this level of writing and synergy.

So simply put this is a show about Jimmy(Chris Geere) who's having more then a few problems writing, or generally getting along with the human race. He lives with his best friend Edgar(Desmin Borges) who's apparently a vet with PTSD. They are both going on and on through a series of events until Jimmy meets Gretchen(Aya Cash) who's equally as disgusted with people as he is, and her friend Lindsay(Kether Donohue) who's apparently a nympho. And I'll let your imagination take it from there.

Basically they put a solid cast and great writing together and made a show that will only keep getting better. Please don't change these writers up, they are the few that use the English language to it's full potential.

UPDATE: So the first season was fantastic then in the second season it seems like the writer got broken up with and is now writing a bunch of depressing garbage that's neither funny nor entertaining. The show really might end up being the worst if he doesn't start writing like in the first season. Pull it together man!

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I tried, 28 September 2015

I really did try to like this show, I gave it a genuine chance watching the first and almost half of the second episode but I couldn't in good conscience stomach the god awful acting that was being performed. I wanted to watch a few episodes to nail down exactly what was wrong so here are the results.

First, both the leads look like they're hopelessly lost, the male lead doesn't seem to comprehend the concept of facial ques while having to act and the female lead doesn't seem to express any emotion besides for surprise and confusion, which is at least understandable since she has amnesia. And after watching almost 2 episodes of this show I wish I did too.

Second, the supporting actors all seem to just follow along with these dim witted ideas that are spouted off by the leads as if they have no choice. Umm hello guys you're suppose to be in a smart law enforcement agency and yet you take at face value jargon like "She might be the most important resource we've ever had!" Based on what? On the 30 seconds you've seen her for? See this is the kind of stupidity no one should have to stand for.

Finally the coup de gras, if all the other elements actually worked in the show the dialog is just horrid, it feels like it was written by uneducated children which as it turns out is perfect for the male lead since every other scene he seems to be pouting and stomping out of somewhere. Like the scene where he asks a general to tell him something then proceeds to interrupt him repeatedly as he tries to answer, all in futile effort to establish that he as a character has some deep back story which no one cares about because his acting is so very VERY bad.

2/10 by some miracle you've managed to pull together a story that would work if only you'd bother to fire both the leads and replace the writers with anyone who actually passed English lit.

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Absolute Garbage, 5 July 2015

I tried watching this show not once but twice! I originally watched it out of boredom and forgot why I never watched a second episode then went back over to this show again a few years later over the reviews and let me tell you awful doesn't quite do it justice.

Let's start from the beginning, the lead actress was great on the O.C. but is an absolute terror here. She seems to act like a spoiled débutant rather then anything even remotely resembling a medical professional. The other actors aren't too shabby, they play along pretty well. The unforgivable thing is the script, whoever wrote the lines for this show needs to be fired immediately. No sense of rhythm, no sense of wit, absolutely nothing clever about the scripting. It's like watching a stale show from the 50s.

If you want to portray the south as a bunch of stuck in the past small town people that's fine, it's not original but that's not a crime. However shredding the wit out of the southern people is unforgivable and that's exactly what the writer for this show did. 2/10 because come on I've seen better writing from 1st graders.

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Two Major Problems, 28 February 2015

This movie was butchered but in a very specific way. First it became a silent film in all the areas where it mattered, that was a colossal mistake. They should have made Ana narrate everything she was thinking, kind of like they did in Dexter, but instead they did.. nothing. So what ends up happening is, all the moments that would be described in great detail with thoughts and feelings are left unexplained. Of course no one who's never read the books would understand what was going on.

Now on to the second massive blunder, the reason why the book was so fluid and worked so well is because of the encounter context, as in we put these specific people here and then make this situation play out in a way in which it makes her seem insecure and quirky(not shy and sad). Then and only then does the situation make sense and works. In the movie they did NONE of that. They took creative license but instead of cutting a few parts they shredded them all and made the encounters bland and tense. Case and point in the first couple of minutes in the movie, there was suppose to be an internal dialog where she's weirder out by all the blonde women on the way in, there's an entire section that brings out her insecurity and really gets the people to feel the emotion but instead there's none of that. They just skipped it entirely and went on with the movie.

Bottom line this is just bad writing, whoever butchered this script needs to be fired and replaced with a person who understand the concept of writing, and can actually execute it without being held by the hand and directed around the playground like a child. 6/10 because the acting was pretty good despite the god awful script.

Foxcatcher (2014)
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Horrible doesn't quite do it., 26 January 2015

This movie was so bad it deserves a review. First let me say I like rating movies based on acting, plot points, and general atmosphere. Baring that in mind this movie was something that I recommend skipping no matter the alternative. I wish I could tell you about acting but there was none, the few parts that had speech took all of three seconds and the rest of it was a blur of pointless events. If they wanted to make a documentary about a wrestler why didn't they just say so? Making people waste time like this should be against the law. Now on to plot points, there were none. Wrestler is coached by brother, he leaves brother to try on his own, fails, trains with brother again, and then leaves. That's it, that's the whole movie. This is one of those things where someone will try to tell you that a blank canvas is art, don't be fooled it's just blank canvas. 1/10 simply because there was no lower marks.

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Secretary of Checkmate, 27 November 2014

This is a show about the secretary of state, the lead Elizabeth(Tea Leoni) is a school teacher and an ex CIA employee who's personally picked by the president to become the secretary of state when her predecessor dies in a car accident. There's a calm nature in Tea that makes her a perfect candidate for this role, she slides into it like it was tailor made for her. Adding to that Henry(Tim Daly) who's her husband in this and a fantastic actor along with their 3 kids it's just a really solid show.

The truly interesting part about this is that the rest of cast are all really good experienced actors too so basically you have people who play really well off of one another and keep pushing the show into directions where it would typically not go with a new cast. On a personal note if this show at any point in time collided with House of Cards it might make the most interesting crossover in a long time with people who are as smart as they are ruthless in their comprehension of the congressional offices that they hold. Easily 10/10 start to finish beautifully crafted.

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So close yet..., 14 November 2014

I had high hopes for this show going in, I figured that it would be a great antihero and of course we would have the righteous battles of good vs. evil and heaving vs. hell. And it seemed that the show was leaning in that general direction the writing of not bad the mood was right and then walks in the main antihero, Constantine.

In the movie of course we had a great actor play him so he did it right, he gave him some wounded deep seeded emotion and let our minds run away with us. However in this rendition we had some guy who just doesn't get it.

Instead of playing him as a dark wounded exorcist in search of redemption this guy just acts like an arrogant clown. There's not a shred of likability about him which is the problem. I can get behind an antihero that goes back and forth, but not behind this guy. First episode went by and I figured the ones that followed would make him likable, but he just got worse with every episode.

At this point I'm seriously giving it a 4 only for all the actors that have to work with this reject. So sad that 1 terrible lead just decimated an otherwise perfectly good show.

"Gotham" (2014)
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Just No, 29 September 2014

First the premise of this show while good in theory falls apart when thinking through a little further. I love the batman series but this is just sad, Gordon is sadly portrayed, instead of this being a relatively corrupt city its completely corrupt to the point of where not being corrupt seems ridiculously out of place, once again that's not even close to the way it was suppose to be and yet in this show here it is front and center. They keep bouncing between perspectives of people who really don't engage you at all, Bruce wasn't entertaining, cat was sluggish, and don't even get me started on Alfred, it just doesn't work. Nice try but get some new writers, actors and try again. 4/10 not even close to good.

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Painfully Dreadful, 11 June 2014

Penny Dreadful is a series that revolves around old England and the horrors of time. Among them we have things like vampires, frankenstein, devils, demons. And on and on, basically all the horror stories that came to pass are embodied in this series. The issue I have with this series however is in the progression. It's dreadfully dull on a good day, and on a bad they took a series that should have been broken up into 30 minute segments and made them a full hour long. Which gives it this dragging on forever until you get to the point feeling, and even then the point of each episode feels anti-climactic.

This is a case of great casting, great plot potential, and god awful rhythm. There's a saying "Never use 7 words when 4 will do." In this instance that's exactly the embodiment of the issue. 6/10 it has all the potential in the world if they would just get to the point sometime before the audience falls asleep.

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