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"Taboo" (2017)
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Superb!, 15 January 2017

So I stumbled upon this series in my search for another good English show. Let me tell you this one is amazing, Tom Hardy just kills it! And he's not alone, everyone involved seems to know exactly how to drill down and play the core of the kind of people and thinking that was going on back in the 1800's.

Now onto the story, there's a family by the name of Delany, the father and mother are thought to have been insane, the father built up quite a bit of debt in his insanity. Meanwhile the son went off into the military and has thought to have died in Africa. When the father died, the son returned which came not only as a shock to everyone but also as it turns out as some very unwelcome news as he was the sole beneficiary to his fathers holdings. There is also a sister married to what I can only conclude so far is a ladder climber, as he keeps trying everything in his power to get his hands on the Delany estate. And then there's the East India trading company, who's perpetually trying to kill the Son.

What does this all add up to? 10/10 a very interesting show with tons of twists and turns. If dark and gritty is your type of show this is not one to miss.

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Shouldn't Go Back, 27 October 2016

So this movie is about reacher coming to save a woman who took his place running the military police for some time, when he arrives to finally meet her after years of talking on the phone occasionally, he finds she's locked up for something that sounds strangely out of character for her to do, and so it goes from there.

Big ouch on this movie, I love the first one, it had everything you need in a solid antihero, short lines, good fighting, great story line. This one had none of that. First let me say why the hell would you switch both directors and fight coordinators? I mean come on, you had a formula that worked so why switch it? Answer is because you want your second movie to bomb, which by my standards it did.

The action in this movie looked like half the people that were fighting were stoned, they were super slow in their responses and had absolutely none of the technique the first movie had. The other characters consisted of a whiny girl that you easily get tired of and kind of hope gets killed but yet she stays alive to ruin the entire movie, and a female version of reacher which honestly was probably the best part of the whole movie.

4/10 because nothing in this movie really worked, the plot started slow and fell off as it kept going, the characters they want you to root for you end up not really caring about as the result of bad plot points, and fighting which lets be honest should be the best aspect of these movies was terrible you guys just fell down on the job on this one.

"Goliath" (2016)
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Billy Bob Kills It, 17 October 2016

First let me say that billy bob was built for this role. Picking him was the obvious choice because there is almost no one that can play a washed up brilliant drunk the way he can.

Now as for the actual series. We have Billy, who's a retired defense attorney thrown back in law after he gets tossed a case about a guy on a boat that blew up. At first it just sounds like a regular case, and then it quickly becomes apparent that there's a lot wrong with it. The long and short of it is that this series is layered perfectly, you never see what's coming because they scripted it in a way in which you don't get to see around the bends.

10/10 great acting, great directing, and an amazing script.

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Decent Going, 15 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So if the original season of high maintenance made a movie, this would be it. We have David who's basically just a nine to fiver who loses his job and at near the same time he meets Kate. She's amazing and they start to connect and then they both kind of fall into a not having money or income situation, resulting in him becoming or attempting to be a pot dealer. He's just the type of person who's really not cut out for being one which is obvious even before he starts, but once he gets going it's glaringly clear. And from that point it's a combination of how to be the worlds worst pot dealer, how to be a pill junkie, and how to make your life fall apart in 10 steps or less.

6/10 it's not an original story by any stretch but it is captivating in it's own bizarre way, kind of like a wreck, you know it's coming but you just can't look away. Also the acting is on point here.

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Refreshingly Upbeat, 11 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a world full of doom and gloom shows based around conniving drama, we have this ray of sunshine. A show that's not based on comedy per say but just a genuinely uplifting and refreshing take on life.

Xavier is a guy who believes that the world is coming to an end in about eight months, and because of this he's made a list of all the things he wants to do and does them one by one. Meanwhile Evie is a very by the book, within the bounds of law, order and normalcy type of girl and when they meet it brings about such an unexpected turn in her life that it's just fun and great to watch.

Update: 6/10 sadly as the show progressed it started to lack depth. And like a lot of other shows kind of fallen off as a result.

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Just Pointless, 9 October 2016

So here's a movie that I was expecting like many in it's genre to have some kind of a story with some basic variations on, boy meets girl, girl breaks boys heart, boy does a bunch of stupid and ridiculous things ultimately leading to another girl(as these genre movies tend to be). The problem is mostly none of that happen in this movie, I mean OK yes there was a girl, and she technically broke his heart. However that's where it gets a little strange. There's a lot of daydreaming, a lot of random memories and a bunch of events that occurred, but none of them are in any specific order that's suppose to dictate a story line. So what you end up with... is a guy who basically just went through stuff, but you're not really sure what order it happen in, and why and how. It's very literally pointless because by the end of the movie you're not sure exactly what they were going for. I mean, was he suppose to like being single? Was he suppose to find a better girl? Was he suppose to figure out that he was the problem? Or that he wasn't? None of this is actually answered at all. 3/10 good acting, jumbled confusing story line if you can call it that.

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HBO Remake Complete Trash, 17 September 2016

So to give you some background this show has been around 2 years before HBO had anything to do with it, and back then it was a pretty cool show about a collection of stories that a pot dealer had from just delivering his weed all around NYC. And the original show was awesome I honestly don't know why they canceled it the first go around but anyway to the HBO version.

With this being on HBO you'd think that this show would be more to the point, but it isn't. For example the first episode started off pretty OK, and then it turned into something from Jerry Springer. Which I found kind of weird because as where once this was a show about a delivery guy with mostly the focus on what happens around him now it's anything but. And then it went into a whole segment about some gay guy losing his mind on meth which was completely out of left field. Bottom line the direction this show has started taking is not a great one, instead of focusing on the dealer and his stories they just kind of scattershot everyone else into it. 6/10 I'm hoping they were just trying something new with the first episode and it goes back to being a good show.

Second Review: This show is now complete hipster garbage, Well done HBO, you've managed to take a great show and turn it into absolutely intolerable trash. 3/10, if you value time don't watch this thing, not even remotely worth it anymore.

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Great Concept and that's about it, 6 September 2016

I love that cannabis is getting mainstream but just once I'd like to see a show about people who are intelligent, because the whole all pot smokers are dumb stoners angle is played out. And frankly this portrayal is just awful.

So this show is about 2 women who are a pot delivery service, and so far they just keep spouting off useless things that have no baring in reality or relevance, to anything anyone would ever say in real life, sober or stoned. I think they were going for funny, quirky and happy but they come off as dumb, bland, and seriously in need of better monologue.

5/10 because despite the bad writing their acting is actually not half bad. If they bring in a half way decent writer and try something new like.. making the girls sound like they have a brain cell left, then and only then will this show make it beyond a few episodes.

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Directors Butchering, 9 August 2016

The movie, I can't tell you much that you haven't already seen in trailers, because basically that's the whole thing. Now here are some things you should probably know, the acting in this movie was awesome, everything else however was awful. Now here's what seems to have happen.

They shot something like 4 hours worth of footage, combined it was possibly one of the best versions of suicide squad that could have been made. Now here's what happen after that, the director cut that movie to shreds, but it doesn't stop there, he actually rearranged the cut parts of the movie to make it seem like a completely different movie then was shot. So now you have a terrible movie that was once a good movie that is now a clutter of moments out of order that seems like absolute chaos.

If you're wondering why I'm giving this movie a 5/10 it's because the acting was THAT good. They can very easily save this movie from itself, just release the directors cut on DVD, the full 4 hours, and pray that everyone forgets about the stitched together abomination of a movie you attempted to show in theaters.

Summer Villa (2016) (TV)
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Cliché Country, 9 August 2016

Remember back in the 90's when they finally started to figure out the formula for making movies, and someone somewhere figured out that if you want to make a romance movie you have to put in cheesy parts every 30 seconds? Yea, it's one of those.

Overall not a bad movie, the acting was good as expected from these actors, but the writing in this script is just shy of plagiarism and I don't mean from any particular movie, but come on, the guy and girl are forced to stay in one place. He teaches her to ride a bike. There are so many cliché moments that just don't work for one very simple reason, they have no chemistry.

I'm sorry but if you're going to make yet another one of the thousands of cheesy romance movies, at least give the two leads some chemistry. This was painful to watch, even these two must have struggled to play these roles. I'm going to give you the biggest tip you'll ever hear about successful script writing when it comes to romance. The really good writers replace the cheesy parts with actual wit.

7/10 good acting, cliché script, dear god please get actors who pull some chemistry out of each other.

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