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Cast Away (2000)
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Applauding the guts, 27 September 2001

From time to time a group of people with a lot of guts come forward and challenge something, that every average thinking producer would get nightmares to even think about making it.

Fear of failing must come to mind, if the setting says:

- only one actor for 80 min (and one dead body)

- 40 min of it basically limited to: "Hello,.. What's that?.. Albert Miller,.. Over here,.."

- no BGM

- no adrenaline injections with savages, sharks, snakes etc.

- just plain "Life is hard enough as it is."

I loved it for:

- the guts of making it

- the heartbreaking and real-to-life love story

- Tom Hanks' performance

- his companion Wilson

great movie / must see