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I Wanna Go Back to Hidden Palms, 6 January 2008

Forget the WB, Hidden Palms should uproot to NBC. I'm usually not a fan of the soap opera-types either, but this show really had me on the edge of my seat & looking forward to the next episodes.

I didn't actually work on this show, but I know some of the crew/cast & the casting director, so that's how I heard of it, and honestly I watched the pilot expecting to see a good attempt at a Dawson's creek-type show. What I ended up seeing was a great ensemble, with Handley & Cassidy coming over from the OC, and Amber's oh so mysterious yet sexy performance as Greta (she's in Pineapple Express, coming out August 2008, go see it!), everyone gave it that real-life, but not real feel to it. Like it's a sort of twilight-zone community trying to be normal. Oh, and if you want to see a woman with classic beauty, watch it for the lovely femme-fatale Valerie Cruz. Valerie, I AM single and happy to take out a young cougar anytime!

And the fact that there was always something dark and sci-fi to it, but before it got to be too "out there" to be real, its revealed to be a genius plan by one of the characters... keeps you guessing what's real and what's not. I thought the writing was great, the acting was stellar, and the photography and production value was much better than I expected for a WB series.

I'm glad to say I've helped bring back Family Guy, and I think if everyone who loves this show speaks out, we can resurrect Hidden Palms and it's haunting plot can continue.