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Confessions (I) (2006)
Precious minutes of my have been wasted......
16 October 2007
.......watching this worse than awful, painfully terrible piece of garbation. I hate to trash art... but this deserves it.

I can't believe Tamala Jones decided to go topless for THIS??? I knew watching this movie that it was shot in less than 2 weeks.. but I had no idea it was 9-days. There must have been some decent money offered for a 9-day shoot (think about it... possibly $50K for 9-days work or less?).

Clifton Powell, one of my favorite actors... wasted in this film. Same goes for Lynn Whitfield, Robert G. Smith. Who in the world was the actress that was cast in the role of Cathy? A castaway from Flavor of Love?

This movie plain old sucked.

Don't waste any time at ALL watching this.
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Excellent Movie... Bravo!
27 April 2006
The movie was absolutely excellent and did something that many films don't do anymore: Gave you what you paid for.

The young actress was dead on in her portrayal of a young black girl who's dealing with the environment she's been dealt, but not allowing herself to be limited by it. There were portions of the film where she felt some level of self-consciousness about not being of the same economic status as others, but it still didn't stop her from reaching for what she wanted. her belief in her own potential is inspiring. She reminds me of many young black girls that I grew up with, including my sisters and several that i know now.

Angela Basset, I think, was miscast, in that her physical appearance just didn't convey the characters plight well... she looks too good... LOL! Her acting, however, was superb as always and I enjoyed her in the role after getting beyond the initial clash in my mind.

Laurence Fishburne was also excellent, as always, and proves that typecasting can be broken with superior acting skills.

I just kept waiting for Laurence to refer to Angela as "Anna Mae" and slap her up during their scenes together, a la "What's Love Got To Do With It". LOL This film is a must see!!
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Wow... horrifyingly horrible
30 June 2005
I should have checked the board prior to wasting a rental fee and 50 minutes of lifetime watching this utter mess of a movie. In protest, i refused to finish it and would like my life back.

Don't even bother looking at the DVD case on this one... it has to be one of the worst movies ever made.

Christian Slaters stock has slid even further with me.

The effects were bad, the acting was bad, the idea was bad, there's no rhyme nor reason for the set-up... I just don't even understand why this made it to production. Someone believed... or was hoodwinked. There are other bad movies that I would have rather watched again than to have seen the portion of this movie that I saw even once.

Garbation, garbagio... doo-doo.
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Gotta Stop....
24 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
... to smell the roses sometimes... very nice short. POSSIBLE SPOILER I can appreciate the need to simply refuse to be rushed or have life commanded/directed by the time-clock. Great message in the film. Blair Underwood was excellent in conveying the frantic nature of the average joe's life in chasing the dream or hurrying to what comes next. He also conveyed the relief of letting go well at the film's end. Taking off the watch was pretty much the final stroke in not allowing himself to be controlled by time and worried about being on time cause some unknown force say you have to be.

Enjoy life and take our time getting to the "next" thing... that's the message I carried form the film.
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Wendigo (2001)
What a load...........
25 October 2004
of garbage!!

This was a free rental from blockbuster that I wish I had used on something different. heck... I want my time in life spent watching this nonsense.

No redeeming value whatsoever... I viewed it based on the box summary and cause Patricia Clarkson was in it. What a stinker. Indie or not, this was trash.

The Wendigo looked like it was either claymation, Rudolph on a bad day, or one gigantic puppet. IT DID NOTHING!! NOTHING, I TELL YA!!

The acting was fine... no problems there... but there were some scenes that went on entirely too long... conversations that took place that neither added to nor made sense in the story line... the sub-plot being that the family needed to bond was OK, but the attempts to plump it up by having the wife and hubby in conversations with folks form the city were pitiful.

nonsense... utter trash.... skip this one if you know what's good for you!
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Voodoo Tailz (2002 Video)
25 October 2004

I don't even want to waste life commenting... just don't bother renting it... it's not gory, not scary and not well done....

Definitely one to bypass.

I'm only writing more cause I have to provide 10 lines of comment to have this posted. There is nothing to say other than I'm glad it was a freebie at blockbuster... no.... actually, my free rental was wasted STILL!!

The acting is horrid, the cinematography non-existent, the kill scene made with red ink (look like it anyway)... whatever you're looking for is NOT in this movie, unless it's a badd experience you seek. BLAIR WITCH 2 was even better than this... heck BW2 looks pretty great in comparison. This is not a B-Movie... it's an M movie for moronic.

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The racism was THERE!
26 July 2004
To the guy who questioned the racism in the movie.... you need to do a little homework, cause that was all truth. Although the movie was a fictionalized account, the racist elements shown were very much true.

The idea that it couldn't have taken place in the "60's", of all possible timeframes, is absurd and quite ludicrous. All of the major black acts from the 60's were subject to racism where they were treated poorly when off stage. ALL used the service entrance, or kitchen, to enter the venue in which they played. I'm talking Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, the temptations, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder.... you name 'em.

The practice of fronting songs recorded by blacks with white groups was commonplace in the 50's-60's. Unfortunately, many racist whites didn't want their music to have a black face on it.

Do your homework prior to debunking historical fact.

The movie is THE all time music themed rags-to-riches film ever made.
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No Good Deed (2002)
Hot Garbage
6 January 2004
I saw this as an On-Demand film through my cable TV service.

Well, I demand my money back. Seems like Samuel Jackson will accept ANY role as long as it pays. This was the role that will make me leery of seeing anything he stars in the future. Sub-par at best for ALL involved.

Hot garbage comes to mind when I think of this one...cause it stunk!
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Jacked (2001)
I liked it
3 December 2003
Here's a gem of a B-Movie. The story was told well and played out nicely. I expected it to be trash, cause it contained rappers as cast members...and an R&B singer to boot. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't stop watching until the last minute. I was completely taken by the lead character Dre and felt for him in his predicament. I applaud the writer for not crapping out with a cheery ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this flick.
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Just Married (2003)
Good Movie
4 August 2003
I got what I was looking for. I had no idea that Brittany Murphy could be so funny/goofy. She impressed me with her comic chops including the physical stuff.

Ashton is going to be HUGE!

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