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Lake Dead (2007)
Cliché The Movie Part 77: This time it rips off itself
18 July 2008
Wow. This movie is painful. Unfortunately, the best performance comes from the former Reality TV star. The acting is awful. I kept getting the feeling that this movie was made by a few guys who wanted to get some chicks naked, play with guns, and screw around with fake blood. This movie is what gives the horror genre such a bad stigma. It strives to be camp, but only succeeds at being terrible. To make matters worse it's completely unoriginal. The guys that made this seemed like they just wanted to recreate some of their favorite slasher horror scenes, then just threw a couple of rape scenes in for that extra shock factor. I'm two into 2007 Horrorfest, and I have yet to be impressed. Maybe they changed judges because this movie is nothing compared to any of 2006 8 films. Don't watch this movie, it may ruin your day.
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I got a bone to pick with this flick.
13 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm agitated enough with this movie to pull it up, and comment on it despite the fact that almost no one will look this movie up. This movie has two of the creepiest scene ideas ever, but unfortunately they reside in this terrible movie. This movie takes two everyday creepy things, an near empty grocery store and a near empty theater for two above average scenes. These scenes are so out of place because they are fairly well done, and the rest of the movie is rubbish and makes no sense at all. So, if you are a horror film junkie and would like to see two really good creepy scenes, then by all means watch those two scenes then turn it off. The rest of the movie will only hurt your feelings. However, I can end this on a bright side. Someday some filmmaker is going to probably incorporate similar scenes into a good horror film, and no one but the few hundred people that have seen this floater are going to know.
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The Strangers (2008)
You can rent this movie right now, It's called Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
11 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is a tired formula, which has been put to too much use in horror films for that past ten years. You've seen this movie before, it just has different actors. There are no outstanding performances, just running screaming and breathing heavy while hiding. Also, it's just a bummer movie. The opening narration basically lets you know that there is no hope. It's kind of like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel. Why bother sitting through a movie if you know the victims aren't going to make it? Instead of taking the opportunity to take an old formula and turn it on its ear, the filmmaker just follows it to the letter. But I don't want to end this on a bad note, despite how richly this movie deserves it. There is one interesting aspect, and that is the killers could be anybody. The filmmaker goes out of his way to never show their faces, or to make their personalities stand out. I guess it's an attempt to make the viewer feel that these murderers could live next door to them. I just admired it because it kept the director from making the movie any longer by developing those characters. Oops, I wasn't suppose to end it negatively. Oh well.
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