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A heartfelt beautifully shot story with a heart of gold director Teresa McGee
12 August 2013
First film for Director/Writer Teresa McGee.... What can I say, but she's a jem to do a projects with. An understanding, communicative artist whom has compassion for all her crew, cast-and really does think of it as a team. She's one to watch out for, because if you want to watch well designed films with a wonderful message which can bring you back to childhood-then she's you director.

Having been on the first "The Mary Contest" I was very impressed overall with the crew and was very excited to see the final result. Upon seeing the film it took my breath away; I watched with a smile and and had a very easy time watching it-not too long and not too short.
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16 February 2013
Basically, to say it simply; Brilliant, incredibly well done. Humorous and not over the top either.

It was great; and it didn't piggyback either.

The quality of sound was seem-less, your costumes are well focused, and your Princess was on the ball-you could tell she is a professional.

I'm highly impressed, and really enjoyed watching.

I'll be recommending it to my friends.

I'd like to see more of this style of video from you. It's nice to see some focused work for a change, even though you've already got a platform to go off it, it truly seems that you took the project on as if it was brand new and didn't rely too much on the past success; and made sure that every bit of work you put in was strong.

Well done on your directing.
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Go Go Reject (2010)
Remember the first time you went to a gay bar, starry-eyed.
31 December 2012
This film was done brilliantly, it was not over bearing with the comedy. It had subtle kick-backs(beyond Jennifer Beals obvious) to other dance films, with making them obvious-and placed in at just the right moments. The actors delivered these references without pushing them, so if you got it-it was hilarious, if not, then not.

This is a total two thumbs up, one of the best LBGT films I've ever seen; it kept me smiling and wanting more.

The characters were so funny and well timed, that I found myself researching all of the actors. And speaking of the actors-going hand in hand with editing and directing by Michael J. Saul-the pacing was basically seem-less. Usually there is not enough time put into a scenes to develop it, to give an emotional transition from scenes, there's no set up-WELL HERE THERE WAS. When the pacing changed, it wasn't abrupt, instead it fit in with the feel of the film, and kept pushing you to see more.

And the slight moments are over-the-top comedy was just enough; as we all get lost in our imagination from time to time. Wanting to be that star that we've all seen in the films we watch, this made it happen.
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