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Bheja Fry (2007)
If this is Bheja Fry, i'm willing to donate all my bheja!!!!!!
22 October 2007
What to say about this movie????

I won't say anything about the acting,the story,the editing and stuff... Just one thing,if our makers can give products like this one for a measly sum of 20 lakhs, why can't all the biggies who churn out crap like Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom and KANK spend their mega bucks on products like this one!!!!

The magnitude of finesse in this product is astonishing,the realistic feel stays with the viewer even after the movie for a long long time....


And we thought Khosla Ka Ghosla was the best!!!!!!
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Heyy Babyy (2007)
Sajid khan debuts well.......
25 August 2007
All of us had great expectations with this movie.Coming from a debutant director who made of a career out of critising movies in his TV shows, he had a really tough challenge up his sleeve.

He deserves an applause!!!! Come on guys, making a movie on a subject involving an eight month old movie, and getting the right expressions when necessary is a tough task.Also, it featured Akshay Kumar, arguably one of the most versatile actors of this generation.The combo, along with Rietesh and Fardeen, does well in tickling the funny bone, at most of the places.

Now, u may ask why didn't it get a 10/10, if the script is well-essayed and actors of such talent give their best?????

The answer lies in the screenplay......

Ya, couldn't resist a yawn at some places, especially in the second half.The movie kicks off very well(the title track is scorching).But post-intermission portions become really heavy at times.It again picks up though towards the climax,coming to a predictable end.

The music is very peppy,the cinematography captures Australia well, though there are very few outdoor scenes.

Coming to the cast, Akshay Kumar once again proves why he's one of the most bankable stars today.Flawless acting, with humour and sorrow expressed perfectly.Rietesh masters his supporting role quite well, Fardeen still has lots to do with his dialogue delivery.Vidya Balan is wasted mostly, what was Sajid thinking when he casted him for a role lasting only 30 min....

Seriously,Vidya has to start thinking about the roles she's doin these days, whether it's Guru,Salaam-e-ishq aur Eklavya.

Boman Iraani is good, though under-utilised. SRK and anupam Kher re-live their DDLJ relationship for a cameo.

All-in-all, an entertainer, which gets 7 stars for the movie, and one extra for the performances ........ Family-goers are advised though,the movie is not that clean......:D

Sajid,i'm looking forward to ur next......

Best Of luck......
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Definitely worth watching....
12 August 2007
I have a fact to admit, i am no longer a SRK fan, especially after Veer Zaara.......

The guy has done too few good roles after 2002, Swades being the only remarkable one.......

But then comes Chak De India, and boy-o-boy, he's all over the place!! The stubble, the subtle demeanour, the imposing training regime, everything has the vintage SRK charm in it.....He is brilliant in this movie, no sugar-dosed emotions, no giggles, a pure performance from the bottom of his heart.......

Moving to the movie,it definitely works like a spell for the fading national sport...The film is accurate in most places, but hockey fans can point out clitches in some places.....All 16 girls have done a good job, especially the ex-captain Bindiya Naik n the haryanwi brat Komal Chautala.....

The direction is taut, the screenplay could've been better in some places......But the Background score is wonderful, comparable to 'Goal' movies....Sukhwinder does wonders wid his one song...The movie is definitelty paisa-wasool, n much more than that for all SRK fans!!!

Chak De, Chak De India!!!!!
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