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Me and the movie just us 2…, 7 June 2010

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In two years amazing things did not happen. It was great at the beginning to have a quick tour of Manhattan and knowing how the company of four had met and what they were like(the audience just loved it). After relaxing for a while I felt like I was in rush hour. The scenes were very fast and had no connection that would give the time to enjoy the movie. Too much time spent in Antony's and Stanford's wedding which main theme was the excess, no time given to the audience to enjoy such event (such as laughs, good jokes)-best performance Mrs. Liza Minnelli. During the reference to the lives of four, such as their family, I was not satisfied by the fact that Carrie and Mr.Big did not keep their apartment and chose another one less big at which the scenes were not bright compared with Carrie's old apartment and had no special decoration as the other apartments. (I mean the ambiance was not good). And then there is the trip to the Middle East (thanking Jerry – the audience did not have the chance to enjoy his presence at the movie). Amazed by the fact that the transportation of the company of four was made by four Maybachs (excellent choice of car)…we arrived at the luxury hotel. The movie from that point started to get a social aptitude. We were overwhelmed by the social comme il- faut arabian law(which OK it is true but we want to see some funny action and no restraints) and we did not have the chance to see all the outfit of the company of four. Furthermore, the scenes were very quick, some were funny enough but in overall I think the audience was disappointed. The movie's main ambiance was a little depressing. The only story I enjoyed was Miranda's (which during their trip was very amusing) because she had something to give. The camera "had a fight" with Carrie and Charlotte. They looked tired and old. Miranda was great. I do not know much about the filters that they use in cameras but they were some…bad takes. My opinion about this movie is that it was sloppy. The movie was big but they chose to give to the audience many stories in quick scenes and did not concentrate to some that needed more time to develop. They could skip some parts. I guess this movie would be great in episodes. As part of the audience in the end of the movie I was tired, emotionally and physically. Emotionally because I was drifted from funny jokes to malign, from optimistic views to the opposite and physically because my eyes were tired from the quick scenes and the alternation dark/bright scenes(indoors,outdoors,night,day). Conclusion: the movie was OK and could have been great.

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Better than I've expected to be!, 16 February 2009

My opinion is that it was better than the 1st one. It was quick,the plot very interesting,I was easily absorbed(I did not realized how the time passed).As I was watching it in Greece some jokes were not very funny for those who do not understand English(as some quotes were like rhyming).I certainly would watch it again-I like this kind of humor. The actors were like a surprise to me because I did not know about the cast. The only thing that made made make a face was the pronunciation, from the beginning of the film mostly Mrs.Nicole made it too pronounced-of course "they were" french people but it was too much pointed out.The whole film was too good,I laughed with tears,the audience was attentive, everything went well-so good that I was not expected it -I have the opinion that part 2 can not be as good as the 1st one.Regards!