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Fog and Fangs
24 September 2001
Brett is at the height of his powers in this, probably the best ever Hound of the Baskervilles adaptation. Although not granted a huge screen time, he simply lights up every scene he is in. Edward Hardwick also gives an excellent performance as the trusty Watson. Top production values all round, and fine acting, this is top stuff!
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Sherlock Holmes?
23 September 2001
Of the three feature length adaptations Granda made of Conan-Doyle's novels (rather than the usual 50 min ones) this was the one that veered the most from the original tale. The original idea of mistaken identity is turned into a surreal gothic horror, with the hero of the original story now a serial murderer and bigamist. Holmes is also turned into a detective with a more tortured soul and what appears to be second sight.

The story, however, benefits from this as the original short story was a little bland and boring. Brett rises to the challenge and gives one of his best ever performances, and Simon Callow is suitably suarve and evil as the main protagonist.

Generally, a sumptious adaptation, given a 90's polish and reworking!
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The best, from the best
23 September 2001
Jeremy Brett is simply the best Holmes ever, narrowly edging out the great Basil Rathbone of course, and this is probably the best adaptation of a Conon-Doyle short story.

A length adaptation includes some new plot strands that fit in well to the surrounding drama and heightens the hatred one feels for Milverton.

Excellent performances all round, especially from Robert Hardy, and both Brett and Hardwick fully rounded and comfortable in their roles makes this a superb piece of drama.
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