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A few actors? A few good jokes? A few good anything? No., 3 February 2012

We should be ashamed of our film industry for turning out dreck like this. Poorly written, poorly acted, exploitative and just cringe-worthy. Every stereotype about Australia, men, women, gay and lesbians, the rich, the poor and everyone else was abused in this 'comedy'. I must put a disclaimer in that I walked out of this cinematic abortion after only 30 minutes. I have never done that. My hatred was compounded by the laughter from the everyone else in the cinema. Clearly this is a lowest common denominator movie and the clientèle had chosen wisely. I don't know why I am complaining, I knew it would be this bad. The ads made that clear, but there was nothing else showing that my friend and I hadn't seen. Oh I am mad! I am furious that this movie has made 2.5 million in its first week, yet J. Edgar, a truly masterful film, doesn't crack the top 10.

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Unrelentingly bad., 2 December 2011

I am not sure if this was meant to be ironic, subversive or surreal, but it failed on every level. Framed as stories in some demented comic book, it isn't presented as 'different' enough to be believable as a comic story. It comes off as racist, sexist and just generally unpleasant. The actions of the characters are so unbelievable and irrational as to drive me to distraction. The acting is just awful in most cases. It is supposed to be some comment on Los Angeles, yet it is just absurd. There was potential for this to be insightful, witty or interesting, yet that was all frittered away with shock value and the extreme unbelievability of the characters. And because it was presented in a normal world, this makes it all the frustrating. It was just unrelentingly bad.

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The most beautiful and romantic film I have ever seen., 20 June 2011

I got this movie out on DVD without knowing too much about it and I was absolutely blown away. It is such a touching and romantic movie. I know it has taboo topics but they are handled so gently and with such acceptance by the film makers and the the characters within the story. It truly moved me in a way a film has never done for me before. It is probably not for everyone due to some of it's taboo content, but honestly, it should be viewed regardless. It is such an exquisite portrayal and will really make you think. I cannot praise this movie more highly. Forget the mind-numbing exploitative offerings of The Hangover or Bridesmaids, and see what great film can accomplish.

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A fun-laden romp!, 17 July 2010

Walking into the advance screening of 'Knight & Day' that I was lucky enough to win tickets to, I had fairly low expectations.

To me, the title screams 'Kath & Kim' and my media created mindset is to automatically dislike Tom Cruise.

So, needless to say my expectations were low. Perhaps a good way to enter a cinema; it means you'll rarely be disappointed.

I was, however, delighted with this movie, and it seemed so was the bulk of the large crowd viewing it with me.

Opening scenes include a fiery plane crash, witty romanticisms between Cruise and Cameron Diaz and secret agent intrigue. From here, the audience is taken across America and the globe, from Saltsburg to Seville.

The stunts are amazing, with some truly fantastic car chases, but it was as much about the action as it was about Cruise and Diaz.

Both gave fabulous performances, and delivered great chemistry as we rode alongside them in this mile-a-minute spectacle of a film.

I really enjoyed the cinematography; it made me think of the glamorous 1960s films of 'James Bond' et al. The depiction of the luscious scenery and witty character directions have a real stylishness.

While I could never figure out the significance of the title (Cruise is Knight, what was Day? A bad pun perhaps?) and the film certainly won't turn up in any VCE exams, it is well worth a watch as an action packed, fun laden romp!

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Why Nine? Why?, 10 September 2007

This is just an appalling piece of television. The Nine Network spent some ridiculous amount of money on it too. The premise is great; the adventures of a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat and its crew as they protect Australia's north. How they could get it so wrong is anybody's guess.

The writing is despicable. It is hackneyed and trite and the dialogue is so forced and banal. It is as subtle as a brick to the head (which would be more pleasant than watching this), and lacks any wit or sparkle. Story lines go overboard at a rate of knots. There is absolutely no suspense AT ALL, which is no mean feat. The acting is just deplorable. Lisa McCune heads the team, a woman so wooden the Tasmanians want to pulp her. She did her best work on the Coles ads. The rest are just shocking. The editing is non existent and the cinematography is as basic as I Love Lucy. The music is sickeningly cheap. It is worse than the 1960s Star Trek Original Series fare. And the sound effects, oh my lord!

It is a worrying indictment on the sorry state of affairs at the Nine Network. I have read that only 1 person in the executive team has any TV experience, and it is minimal at that. It shows.

What is perhaps more worrying is that this reprehensible creation has been sold to many other countries! This is not an image we want to send out. It has also been renewed for a 2nd season! God help us!

For an example of pure excellence in Australian TV, the equal of any American or British production, see Seven's City Homicide.

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First rate drama, 10 September 2007

I am always quite skeptical about Australian made dramas (and comedies for that matter). In my opinion it has never really been our forte, the writing talent hasn't been there. Fly-on-the wall, variety and reality: sure we excel but not in scripted stuff. But the times are changing, well on some networks at least.

City Homicide is a beautifully executed piece of television. In every way. The writing is strong, snappy and fast paced and is peppered with subtle Aussie humour. The dialogue is excellent. The acting (lead by Noni Hazelhurst and Shane Bourne) is first-class. This can be a real rarity on Aussie TV. The cinematography, editing and music is superb. I have never been so impressed. The Seven Network has done us proud with this production. All Saints isn't bad either, though it is no CH.

Compare all this to the tripe the Nine Network dishes up (and subsequently sells overseas): Sea Patrol. SP is the WORST piece of television I have seen. They spent records amounts of money on it, and for what? Writing? Doesn't appear to be any. Good dialogue? Next. Good acting? Not when Lisa McCune is around. Cinematography? Editing? Music? Mmm the less said about the first two the better and as for the music, it sounds like Mrs Hahn's year 8 music class did it on a synth keyboard. But wait the show is filmed on a real Navy patrol boat. Well then it must be good.

I digress. CH is excellent in every way.

"Standoff" (2006)
Excellent, 11 August 2007

This aired nationally on the Seven Network ( in Australia in the summer non-ratings period 2006-07. It got the prime 8.30pm Monday night timeslot, however it must have not built an audience because it was not carried over to ratings period. Or Seven was told it was cancelled in the US and they did not bother to continue with it. However the final 8 episodes have shown up on Tuesday nights at the unpopular 10.30pm timeslot, after the end of priority prime time. Which is unfortunate because this an absolute cracker of a show! It has so much pace and is sharply written. It builds so much tension and is terribly well acted. It runs circles around shows like CSI, Criminal Minds etc. But like most good shows out of the US it was cancelled because I guess it was over most of their heads. Just like Arrested Development, Dead Like Me, Commander in Chief, Strangers with Candy and the list goes on.

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Really quite good, 4 November 2006

Less Than Perfect has been on in Austrlian since almost the same time as America. It was on the Seven Network over the summer non-ratings period but did not find the ratings it deserved so it was shelved till same time next year. 7 is now currently showing the final season at 11am on weekday mornings, after the 10.30 National News and before Scrubs season 5 repeats. It is also screened on the pay-TV channel FOX8. This final season in particular is great. Andrea Parker is a delightfull actress in both serious rolls (the Pretender and several JAG episodes including Harm's original partner in the pilot) and in comedic rolls. Lydia is one of the best characters on the show.

Supernova (2005) (TV)
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Australia? Sydney?, 11 November 2005

Look, aside from incredible plot holes and the ridiculous nature of the film, did anyone else notice something awry? This was screened as one long movie here in Australia on the Seven Network ( the network to whom the camera man that was beaten up by terrorist supporters belonged) and one thing that became bleedingly obvious to me: THE SETTING IN NO WAY RESEMBLES Australia!!! THAT IS NOT SYDNEY...No one WITH ANYTHING CLOSE TO AN Australian ACCENT APPEARS...AND FOR A MOVIE SET HERE, THERE ARE A LOT OF Americans AND British! Also, in reference the news woman reporting on the Sydney Mayoral election, Mayors in Australia have almost no power, unlike in the U.S. Our system gives most of the power to the state government, eg. police, education, public transport, health, main roads, and all of this is funded from the federal government. The local council, headed by the mayor, is basically responsible for rubbish collection, parks etc and no one cares about the elections and by no means do they run high profile elections. In fact it is usually a postal vote. And voting in Australia is compulsory for all. Back on topic, the National Intelligence people from the states would never be allowed to run their investigation in Australia! They have no jurisdiction here, and would have to run with the help of state or federal police and or ASIO. It is the nature of nationality and sovereignty that another external power does not have free reign to conduct itself in the borders of another! Sorry for the long spiel...but Christ this movie is BAD!

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It was amazing!!!, 6 February 2003

I was completely blown away by this movie, the cinematography, the story, the direction it was all outstanding!!! It was like no other Star Trek movie or series. Those who spent there time in the cinema finding fault with every little detail missed out on a lot. Every movie has fault and in the star trek universe star trek 5 especially. Everything about this movie was just inexplicably amazing.

P.S. Shinzon wanted to destroy Earth to destroy the federation, cut the head of the snake and the body dies, and he resented being human because of the treatment he recieved on Remus.

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