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I'm getting my Highlander fix, 5 March 2008

Well, there's nothing really new here that vigilant couch potatoes haven't seen before. "New Amsterdam" follows the Highlander formula almost to the letter, although the protagonist is a cop instead of a pretentious art dealer.

Good-looking haunted 400 year old hero? Check. Flashback sequences? Check. Supporting cast who is clueless about his history? Check. A mortal confidant? Check. I kept waiting for someone to jump out of the shadows with a sword and shout "There can be only one!!!" Maybe it'll happen in Episode 2.

New Amsterdam has good production values, a strong cast, and likable characters. The plot for the pilot was nothing special -- a standard cop-show plot is all we'll find here. There's a murder and you can bet our hero will solve it by the end of the episode. Pretty standard. The most promising plot hook comes from the what we can see as a possible developing love triangle. Our hero, you see, may have found his soul-mate in a random woman on the subway, the woman he has sought for centuries, whose love will finally allow him to grow old. At the same time, there's a very real chemistry between him and his new female partner.

Again, it's NYPD Highlander. It's not necessarily original, but it is still very watchable. No swords, though.