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Zatoichi (2003)
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I did not get it, 23 July 2005

The movie tells the story of a bunch of villains that "own" the lives of the people in some unspecified Japanese village and a "massageur" that seems to be the only one that can successfully put and end to it.

Perhaps because I am sick and tired of violence in real world, perhaps because the movie doesn't show there is anything new under the sun in terms of bad guys trying to make a living out of innocent people and all what it shows is that things like that happen also in the far east, to spend almost two hours to see how people got cut up in pieces by some sword men, even if they are samurai, did not appeal to me.

I have seen much more interesting Japanese movies than this one (A Woman in The Sand) (Shall we Dance?) (Dersu Usala). Definitely Zatôichi is not the type of movie I care about. 5 out of 10.

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Charming, 30 December 2004

I enjoyed this simple but very charming movie that shows with humor the drama of people that live isolated and without a chance of getting a decent job.

The movie has very good moments of original humorous dialogues, like the one when the mayor of the tron gets in somebody else's bed, that perhaps may not appeal to people that doesn't know much about life in isolated places of Québec and do not want to make the effort to imagine what it is like.

The acting is very good and the characters very real. It is not easy to be able to recommend a Canadian movie but this one deserves to be watched.

I can't help it, 31 July 2004

I do like Woody Allen's and did like this one too. Of course if you think The Godfather is a great movie then you may not like this one. In the end it depends on what you are looking for when you watch a movie. If trying to assess somebody's thoughts, smartly expressed, on some issues that have a lot to do with life in general and the Jewish and the American culture in particular appeals to you, then I recommend it to you. The sequences on the reasons why everybody should get a firearm is worth watching the entire movie. Billie Holiday and the rest of the music comes as a bonus. On top of that you can add good acting and some beautiful shots of New York.

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A laugh against prejudices, 24 May 2004

This is the story of two brothers that have not talked to each other for 40 years because one is ashamed of the other due to his brother's (Nino Manfredi) declared homosexuality. A trick of their death mother brings them together to carry her remains to the land where she was born.

A wonderful movie with all the warm feelings that only the Italians can bring so well to the screen.

The movie teaches a lesson to the people that are used to live according to conventions. A beautiful comedy very well told and filmed that will make you cry and laugh. It is a must to see it.

Manfredi is as good as always, the music by Enrico Morricone is also great as well is the photography.

Perhaps predictable but made with good taste, 1 February 2004

I admit that the film may be predictable, but the acting and the way it was made makes it worth watching it. It may not change your life but it may allow you to enjoy a movie made with good taste that you can watch with your whole family. I found Martha and the Italian cook charming. 7 out of 10

Signs (2002)
If you have something better to do..., 7 January 2004
5/10 not waste your time watching this piece of junk. I watched it because I checked the rating the film have in the IMDB and I thought it should be good. Well, I guess I have learned my lesson...

The characters are unbelievable, specially the young boy that is not older than ten but thinks like a genius... Give me a break! The idea could have been good, but unfortunately it was wasted.

I agree with one user's comments. The last 30' are just pathetic.

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I feel pity..., 26 December 2003

...for those people that would miss this movie because it is with subtitles.

This is an excellent, entertaining movie that if had been made by Hollywood it would have become a blockbuster for the only reason that it would be spoken in English...

Well acted, including in its cast some of the best Argentinian actors; Darin is superb in his portray of a disgusting character that goes in the world betraying even his younger brother and asking his sister to go to bed with somebody she doesn't know when money is the issue. But it is not a drama, unless you have a brother like him in real life. Is a movie to enjoy. Be prepared to distrust even the air you breath. You will be rewarded.

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Too conventional, without imagination, 20 September 2003

I don't know if the problem I had with this movie is that I was not able to capture the way movies were done in the past but I believe that this one did not miss to make use of any of the the fashionable conventions available in the 40s to make a film. If you don't have anything better to do my advise is not to watch this movie but to read a book or to go out for a walk.

The triumph of determination against prejudice, 6 January 2002

It is a "feel good" movie sustained through the triumph of determination against prejudice. The movie is also very good from the point of view of displaying in images and almost no words the worst aspect of the Margaret Thatcher government without becoming a political pamphlet.