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Improvisational Mockumentary
11 October 2010
Hitting the Nuts is about an illegal annual poker tournament held in Scott County Indiana every year. It has everything from an Amish farmer trying to save his farm to a rude and crude (and hilariously played) redneck, a preacher, a priest, a bawdy waitress and more all contending for the grand prize.

Each cast member was well suited for their individual roles. Believable and competitive poker players all told from a documentary (mockumentary) point of view with a camera following contestants from before and through to the end of the tournament.

The best part of this film is that it is almost all improvisational, so the lines are all on the spot hilarious. The things you typically think but wouldn't say are said here with witty and amusing results.

There are no grand twists and turns in the plot, just plain fun and just plain funny.
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