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Best to Worst Documentaries of 2013 that I have seen
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From what I've seen, best to worst of '13. Narrative only, docs are a different list.
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From what I've seen, best to worst of '12
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Movies I would consider purchasing that I don't own
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Movies from 2010 I'd still like to see.
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Numbered. Just for fun.
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I'm interested (mildly or extremely) in seeing these titles before the Netflix Instant license expires.
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because there's more to keep track of..
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2011 movies I've seen from Best to Worst..
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My ranking of 2010 films I've seen
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Movies I Own but need to actually watch...
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My order from best to worst of 2009 from what I've seen..
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Listed here is a collection of movies I thoroughly enjoy. Whether as a timeless classic, a great ride, or an intense experience, I will likely stand by these films to exemplify my taste in all that film has to offer. Although I hardly consider every selection to be impeccable, each film has a special place in my viewing catalog.
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Films I think are more than worth the time but not necessarily commonly recognized or appreciated as much as they perhaps should be. (in no particular order)

While I wouldn't say the majority is must see, each movie I think can merit a viewing if you're like me, wanting more outside the typical films you see.