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A beautiful symphony of emotion...., 3 April 2003

I will begin this review by stating that the weekend I viewed the film was a classic fest. Films like Amadeus, Citizen Kane, Schindler's List, and 2001 could have easily rendered this film much less than it was. What I experienced at the theatre was a raw appreciation.

Adrien Brody lays the bricks of the road to greatness. The unknown actor has amazed us all, in this inspiring snapshot of the human spirit. The emotion given in this role has surpassed many of the greatest films of time. I think we all expected an emphasis on the combination of beautiful music and an undistinguished script. Brody applies a rare performance that demonstrates the possibility of perfection. A rare illustration of flawlessness.

Unfairly, from the opening credits I was comparing the film to Schindler's List. The two films shine in their own rare illumination. I knew not what to expect from The Pianist, and still I was overjoyed with the ending result. Something to emphasize that we have not forgotten, and memories don't die. This is film. This is brilliance, craftsmanship, creativity, and virtuosity. Another reminiscence, of the decay that lurks in the human soul and the divinity of overcoming these evils.

Throughout the film I felt my emotions piercing during the atrocious imprisonment, and segregation of human beings. This era challenges my beliefs in human decency. To have lived to see such a time when abominations were carried out negligently intoxicates me that times are past. Yes, this is all leading up to the fact that the film caused me to involuntarily cry. I wasn't weeping, but I noticed a tear during one scene (which will remain disclosed).

If you have ever wanted to celebrate the generosity, sympathy, charity, and tenderness of the human soul, see this film. The most important time in history. The allowance of the celebration of individuality, uniqueness, and humanity. We could all use this film at a time of counterfeit reasons for innocent bloodshed in this war of arrogance.

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Beautiful Perfection, 19 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Two Towers can only be explained in one word, beautiful. This film left me breathless. I was hoping for a film that could stand in the same depths of the Fellowship of the Ring, and I must say that it has surpassed the film completely. I will have a hard time watching the Fellowship and seeing the ending, knowing there is so much more waiting.

Let's start with Gollum. Gollum gave an astonishing performance. The poor misunderstood beast, or the darkened soul creature whose cares are only based on the One Ring. The performance given in CGI is at times very human. The facial expressions given could strangely give this character a personality as you would see in any great actor. Gollum's voice is still haunting, even when the beast appears to be the loving guide to the dark gates of Mordor. For these reasons and more, Gollum has become my favorite character in the film, replacing Legolas in the Fellowship.

On the other side of Middle Earth we see Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. I have to say that the dark times of this movie are at times overbearing, and saddening. There is a perfect mix of humor in the film given by the characters Gimli, and Legolas, while still keeping the viewer in understanding that these are very darkened times. Aragorn's performance is outstanding. He has proven that he can be put on an A-List of actors, and deserves appraise for his performance.

Gandalf "the White" in this film was a twist. We remember the friendly Gandalf The Grey in the Fellowship being a kind elderly wizard. Shouting off fireworks for the children of the shire, and smoking "leaf" as explained in the novel. There are no cute scenes with the new White Wizard. No fireworks, or pipes. Just a Wizard that knows the daunting task ahead, and the quest seems to have taken hold of the great wizard.

Very dark are the times for Frodo, and Samwise. Gollum seams to give Frodo hope, as the two ring bearers can associate the pains of the One Ring. Frodo gives an amazing performance this time around as well. It seams that the Ring of power has taken hold of Frodo, and our hero is slipping. But the surprise was aimed at Samwise. Proving that Sam is the definition of a true best friend. Even at times when it seems there is no hope for the troubled trio, it seams that Sam brings hope to the moment. This is what keeps the Frodo's story this time around even more extraordinary, is the hope that is there, even when all odds point to despair.

Merry and Pippin's story is very odd initially. The Ents in the story are very wise and newly troubled creatures from the amazing mind of Tolkien. This story goes back to cut scenes during the worries of the rest of Middle Earth, and gives us a feeling of hope, in the troubled times of Aragorn and the others. The Ents were very well done CGI wise, but it was there personality that moved the audience. They are curiously wise, and well spoken and give the impression of an elderly college Professor. Their story is eventually given a wonderful opportunity, and for those of us who know the story, know that greatness is upon them.

This movie honestly moved me further than I thought any film could. I could see my face and the emotion I felt as I was watching this mammoth film. Peter Jackson has truly given us all a gift of a magnificent. This story has captivated my heart, and the film has taken my breath away. There is no words that can express the greatness of this film. 10/10

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A Beautiful Film, 11 February 2002

I went to a screening of the film, A Beautiful Mind this weekend. Let me start by saying that I was openly skeptical about seeing this film due to two key things. First off, this film was directed by none other than Ron Howard, which should put a foul taste in your mouth (for those of you who have seen The Grinch, can relate). Second, I'm not the biggest fan of Russel Crowe. I thought his performance in Gladiator, was a bit over rated (as was the movie). The only thing, that got my ass in the seat was Jennifer Connely. She is one of the most under rated actresses in Hollywood. Her performance in Requiem For A Dream, was over looked by the Oscars, and the Academy. Let's start by saying that I will not be mentioning this man's real life, which is the target of bad reviews that I have read lately saying that the story line left out some key things of his life, such as adultery, etc. To me, this isn't what makes a film, so we can skip that for now. This film's opening, gives you no hint, as to what you are to expect. A student at a promising University, allowed to attend thanks to a special Grant he recieved from the state. Russel Crow's character seems to hardly fit in with the rest of the mathematicians. The opening scene is a proffesor speeking to the class about how mathematicians are the real people who win wars, for our country, by cracking codes, that are read by our enemies, giving their ego's a boost, and also throwing some partiotic duty propaganda in your face. This may, or may not was a good decision, as it almost gave away the whole plot. Russel Crow starts to gain friendship with the bunch, and discovers his wacky room mate, who drinks, and disagrees with his constant studying. The character watches his classmates succeed by publishing their work, while Crowe, is left behind, working on a formula that many say are impossible to prove. Dispite what they say, he continues to go deeper into this formula, and never gives up. Crow's performance in this film was actually impressive. Showing us that he can ditch this whole "tough guy" appeal, and enter the mind of a true genius. The way that he portrayed a man, that could have been looked at as a geek, was an awesome performance. The plot seems to drag, and go nowhere for the first half an hour, but for those who of you who have finished the film, you would know, that this is needed. The way that Ron Howard visually shows us, how Russel Crowe, cracks these complex codes in his head using CGI, may, or may not have taken away from the film. I thought it was a little too simplistic, and took away from the raw intelligence, this man was supposed to have. Let's enter Jennifer Connely's performance, as I thought it was the performance that made this film. She starts out as Crow's student, many years later from his own days of being a student. He is a careless professor. Not careless about mathematics, but careless about his students, as he believes mathematics cannot truly be taught. He opens by giving the class a problem that he claims will take a lifetime to solve. Now, the way that this film's plot merged the characters of Crowe, and Connely, was strange, and at times just plain confusing. Even going back to the film, I think they made some mistakes with their character interaction. But besides these few flaws, Connely's performance seems to save Crowe, and Howard. The plot seemed to stick to the story fairly well, but it was the last half an hour of this film, that throws everything together, and makes me call this a truly beautiful film. At times, I had a hard time with what I was watching. The way that they go into his mind, and show him starting to go crazy, is hard to watch, as they did a good job, of making you feel for this bitter man. The direction of the film was quite eligant, and was thought threw to avoid a turkey, yet you can still feel that Ron Howard had thrown in his little "directing methods" that took away from the raw feeling of terror, which was supposed to strike the viewers numerous times during this film. All in all I say that this is a new genre of film, and the wonderful performances of two gifted actors, and the intrigueing storyline, of this genius' fall from glory, made this a beautiful film. I felt myself, waiting in anticipation to see the ending, and by the end credits, felt myself, craving to see this film again. A truly breakthrough film for both Crowe, and Howard, although nothing new for this talented actress known as Jennifer Connley. Her wonderful performance makes this film, a must see, by any standards. Ron Howard's "break through performance" hype, wasn't under lived at all. I can see him being a new director now, and producing decent films, in the future as long as he has the talented actors, and actresses, to save him. 9.8 out of 10.