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Blade Runner (1997) (VG)
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man meets maker---the entire movie theme, many miss, 25 June 2007

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i was astounded by a recent lunch with an old friend---a biologist of no little intelligence---who was amazed at a poet's view---'not an easy thing, to meet your maker'---she said 'blade runner' made little sense. when explained it as the classic view of humanity, as Roy Batty, as not made 'to last'---and that link to humanity's seeming fate---'made, but not to last'---that hit her---the cinema became alive---and she understood---

to spite an 'actors-strike' and so many obstacles, Mr. Scott 'nailed' the human condition---as 'the replicants'---made, but 'not to last'---a 'beef' with God is the theme---to not see such simplicity? beats me.

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one whopper classic---everybody knows, right?, 8 June 2007

i saw this as a kid---scared me stiff---i need a shrink---one scary witch---robot ridiculous? yeah--unless you're a ten-year-old---yipes.

make ya think twice about leather-clad women---or dominant females in general---this was obviously on the screen-writer's mind. more interesting, perhaps, is it 'taps-a-root' of sexuality. the deal of all embryos as initially female, until testosterone shows up and the female becomes a male---

sort of strikes a ' Jungian' unconscious level of thought---the basic theme being 'women (from mars, or Hooters)' Need men. Look out guys... this lady may be next door, if fact, a part of the 'Devil Woman from Mars' certainly seems to reside in all Earth-women---so this small cinema oddity, as most surviving 'cult' films may seem hokey---the message is not.

somehow this review of 'devil girl from mars' landed on 'the day the earth stood still'. beats me--i have not submitted a comment on 'the day...'

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Rather Hard To Believe---But One Fun Jaded Film, 6 June 2007

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In the modern era of laser-print counterfeiting, this is a bit dated. However, I find my pulse rate rising with the soundtrack's synchrony. Even in the old 'Little Big Man' Dafoe portrayed his skill, as the 'bit-part' reporter. Come a long way in one hard biz. I still feel this was one of his best roles. Convincing, methodical, ruthless---the classic 'anti-hero' performance has you rooting for him. The Feds? Who cares? As murderous as he, by accident or chance--exploiter of bimbos. I would have been more satisfied if he had escaped. And really, how many car-chases are we expected to take seriously---watch NASCAR---you want a brilliant portrayal of a 'Rebel with a Cause'---getting rich in a criminal society? He won't let ya down---does he ever? worth it---

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Not Perfection, Yet Easily the Best Historical Romance, 6 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reconstruction of the 'French and Indian War' is amazing in its details. And its romantic elements. Did you notice how Uncas clearly 'falls' for the Brit Alice, who after seeing Magua (Wes Studi) graphically kill him, chooses to leap to her death, than accept being Magua's woman--real 'reincarnation' study. As for things mentioned (doors in wrong places, scene to scene), there are numerous other small editing errors, but i've noted a lot depends on which format, VHS, DVD, you're watching. There's absolutely no explanation, at the end (much weaker on the VHS), why Russel Means declares himself 'The Last of the Anything.'? Still I watch this over and over, as with Carpenter's 'The Thing', one has to remember that screenplays vs. a novel have a wide license, you're not reading prose---you're sitting there enthralled by a vision---and the procedures of cinema are quite apart from literature---scenes are flying by, and few viewers note minor discrepancies---no time for such.

the real treasure is the acting/directing, for the most part, and the basic view of that certain time. The sets, clothes, and action are A++. The special-effects, the realism are nothing short of spectacular. Unlike 'thrown-in' romantic hoke as in 'Titanic' (serves no purpose), here we have a wonderful Romance, on film--rare in any era---sure, for the Huron with knife to the the heroine's throat to wait around for Hawk-eye to whack him? Chalk it up to the concept of cinema--whose demands do reach a budget-time-limit.

When you see the scenes of Col. Munroe, a typical taciturn Scot meet his adversary, Le General Marquis de Montcalm, with his classic French near obsequious display of respect--no one may forget such. Flawed, yes, but still quite magnificent--worthy of many views--and a solid 'Romance 10'. Oh, and the soundtrack? I yet hear bits of it in TV exercise-for-ladies episodes--another bit that will persist--one 'killer' soundtrack--

So if you want historic and accurate action, high romance, and you have not seen it? Please do so---a helluva ride--tough act to follow---i'll never forget a napster user comment---'The bestest movie i ever seed.'

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lordy--you missed this? a rare American masterpiece? shame, 29 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

without doubt 'Art'--my second wife was a screenwriter, some 'bounced-out' of production--but also the main 'librarian' of West LA's screenwriter's guild--so a constant parade of 'stars' came through, looking for scripts. this one caught someone--the rest is history. very few American films rival the best of Europe, Japan, China, South America--somehow, to spite the 'TV-Like' photography, this is one total jewel. while Brando and others may consider 'Burn' his best work (italian, of course), he really 'burn's' the screen on this one--as all, Nicholson gives him a run for his money. a classic of 'good' 'bad-guys' of the old west vs, a crazy assassin (Brando) hired to kill them, one by one. my only beef? the last scene is obviously a 'set'--phony trees, etc. also some versions leave out Jack's revengeful line, 'You just heard the sound of a man's throat being slit.' to me, this puts even the best 'pasta westerns', with their wise, as Kubrick's use of 'hand-held' photo-work to task. haven't seen it--well, you know 'trust me'. no regrets--Hollywood did good---riveting, start to finish. every scene 'nails-it'--now, if they'd just understand the value of 'hand-held' photography--that puts the viewer 'There'--with the viewer's vision in 'real life', vs. typical American film--Kubrick did it in Dr. Stangelove---wake-up Hollywood---cinema is not TV---

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incredible thrift store find--Aussie western, see it if you can, 24 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i walk in a thrift--buy cig-lighter that's dead--notice a $1 DVD--'The Proposition'--notice John Hurt in credits--who may resist, from 'Alien' to the cult 'The Hit', 'Rob Roy', or even the old 'I Claudius'--a master actor, as Brando, Depp, for a buck. i didn't even realize it as an 'Aussie' western, 'till the credits rolled. one amazing find--spellbinding from start to 'perhaps' enigmatic ending. i could not spot one director/editor's error--the plot may look simple (aren't most westerns), but this bit-of-true-cinema art transcends the genre. suspense, plot twist, bit of explicit gore, action, camera work. a stunning look at old Australia--expected 'the wild colonial boy'--got so much more--one 'don't miss' bit of art. boy howdy--

anyone reading me knows my contempt for such as 'Terminator Sequels', and the junk 70% that Hollywood pumps out---they own the theaters, distribution---'The Peter-Principle' redux. like 'Dilbert'. sure, we have some 'modern' classics---'Chinatown', even The Roc in 'The Run Down', or 'The Missouri Breaks' with Brando, Nicholson--'Going South',but this 'down-under' art has no mercy on truth. The 'kicker' came when i read it's international 'kudos', dumb as mud--thought i was the only soul that noticed--they lay it out. one reward after another--it surpasses what any may expect. awesome---one thing struck me as i watched this again--why are Captain and Mrs. Stanley w/o a 'dingo', some 'dog-protection'. a goof?

having been drawn to watch this several times, as a writer, i am more aware of its remarkable 'dialog'---focusing on Mr. Hurt's 'lines', i find them of near 'Shakesperian' quality---where-on-earth is Hollywood? you simply never see such screen-writing here. this must be the pinnacle of his acting and delivery---yet who knows, save a few? certainly the director rules, here,i think he just 'turned Mr. Hurt loose'---and it was a wrap. i simply am stunned by this film, from any aspect, there is simply no comparison. Mrs. Stanley, the so unlikely Captain Stanley's characterizations---where is more art to be found? expect to be astounded, and as any Great Work, music, painting---don't just see it once. whether Shostakovich in music, any Great Work---time is required for true appreciation---and, even as a documentary--not fiction, this piece is worthy---

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kubrick as art, not reportage, still a 10, 5 February 2007

aside from 'paths of glory' it seems many viewers expect a kubrick film to be 'another movie'---that's not his deal. his goal is always aimed at creating a bit of 'film-art'---not the typical goal. those approaching his work should expect this. how many know this thing was all done outside of London, with tons of palm-trees imported for 'realism'? or that the city of 'Hue' was actually an area slated for demolition to make way for new structures? granted, the 'boot-camp' scenes are authentic---but having 'Gomer' shoot his drill-instructor was hardly believable, as the numerous phony 'jello' splattering from bullet impacts.

so why give it a '10'---because it's an 'art-piece', and while anyone familiar with what a .223 American bullet does to one 'hit' by such, and then believes the woman sniper would not be in numerous scattered bits, but alive, begging to be 'sent-on-her-way'? absurd---yet one is transfixed by her pleas for death, and Joker's final compliance---that has no basis in realism---rather dramatic artifice---and well done---you want reality? Hamburger Hill---you wish 'art-cinema'? this has that impact---some would say it transcends 'reportage'---exactly what art is supposed to do.

to attempt mixing this with any 'normal' war film is simply 'apples and oranges'---

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the real thing, sadly, 4 February 2007

well, when you see the name 'Korda' in the credits, best take a look. the family has a long history of 'no-bunk'---the tradition continues. most no-brain-dead people know this was an Illegal war, in clear violation of The Geneva Convention---and just one more example of President Eisenhower's parting words---'Beware the military-industrial complex.' i was not in favor of this war, but neither an active protester, rather had my hands full as a hippy san francisco mailman carrying fortunes in welfare/social-security checks---with a 'dog-sprayer'---ya want danger? that was enough for me. but if you want Real depiction of 'The Nam'? this is it, not Platoon.

i've many friends who were in that mess---many shattered---many liked it. of course the dead ones? who knows? one survivor, in particular, explained why he took 3 tours---'Americans just like to fight.' seems the way things are. unfortunate---but if you truly want truths of that deal---this is the only depiction that reveals all the crazed reasons any half-sane person would have participated in another global American blood-fest---no Hollywood bs---simple truthful reportage---grisly, dirty low-down---the best you'll ever see---

The Thing (1982)
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most flawed film i truly love, 4 February 2007

if you've read my reviews, i seldom comment on a 'less then 10' IMHO. i love this film, but i can't think of another with more bs. where to start? 1st, after it's known that any 'bit' may survive, you have kurt russel blowing the 'thing' into 'bits'---duhh????---then you're expected to believe the 'assimilated' dr. could actually rip parts of a bleeping helicopter and make an 'escape-ship' (give me a break, mr. carpenter)---you have an absurd view of an antarctic 'white-out', which to a former Alaskan is ridiculous---on and on---

so, why do i yet love it? it's scary! the acting and directing are near flawless, as the 'characterizations'---perfect---only the plot flaws would make 'Bonzo' cringe---but what-to-heck? it's a movie, not a novel. ya buy your ticket, get your butt scared stiff, and have a great ride---just don't bother with more 'logical' bunk than a smelly fish.

do i still watch it? sure---kurt russel's near finest hour---but is it sci-fi? no way---simple horror---that'll do---

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probably second only to the 'original' 'thing from another world', 4 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this was one of those $.50 cent deals of yore---and far more complex than most realize---and it was in color! not only are the effects extraordinary, vs. crap like 'earth vs. the flying saucers'---the real 'killer' is the 'universality of plot'---everything hinges on two principles---the ancient concept of a hidden incestuous-thinking father's desire for his daughter, and the idea of what would happen should a world's tech reach the point where all citizen's desires become manifest.

needless to say if everyone we wished dead gets dead, not many, if any left---and that became the fate of the 'forbidden' planet's populace---rather modern, actually. unfortunately the 'gear' of 'The Krell'---wasted by ignorance, remains, and 'Morpheus', the incestuous father, knows how to access such tech---and does so, to prevent losing his daughter to another. ancient plot, beautifully rendered.

and considering its age, it remains a stunning suspense, action, human-emotion classic---and visually very modern---don't pass this one up---it presages all modern sci-fi---and its pscychological content elevates it, beyond any genre---a timeless work---

and the soundtract! you will see/hear no pure 'synth' and perfectly syched Moog background---a 'not miss'---

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