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One of My Fav 80's Comedies, 18 June 2004

Basically this movie is about a guy that ends up dying way too young from a car crash. In order for him to get into heaven, he has to help out a teenager with certain things. I don't want to go too far into it b/c I don't want to risk spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Looking back at it now, it's a little aged but no matter how many times I've seen it, I still laugh at this movie. I know that it's quite predictable at times, especially after you've watched other movies with similiar plots/scripts. But it's still one of those films that I watch e every time I see it on cable. :) Good family movie that can bring up some laughter in the process.

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Once a Gem... that's now lost its luster, 4 October 2002

I used to wait in anticipation from wk to wk for the next episode of Dawson's Creek to come on. From the very beginning I was hooked. The dialogue was great, the acting was appropriate if not outstanding (aside from a few ppl...I'll get into that later) and the first few seasons were just outstanding. But then it started to lack a little. First off, when Dawson and Joey actually started trying to make their relationship "more than friends" I thought that was an ok turn around... esp when I liked Michelle William's character (Jen) better. Pacey (Joshua Jackson) always seemed to bring a laugh out with the lines he had and the other characters that started to come into the story line seemed relevant to where you could relate to them. But as soon as Dawson and Joey started breaking it, it seemed like it went from being "Dawson's Creek" to "Joey's Creek".. everything revolved around her. No offense to other commenters, but I don't view Katie Holmes as such a great actress. Anyone can roll their eyes around or mumble out their words like she does.. if you look closely she does mumble quite a bit! In disgust, I stopped watching it after the one season where Joey and Pacey set out to sea together. Just recently I watched some of the season premiere and I feel as though I made the right choice by not following it. Katie Holmes prevails once again, while Michelle Williams deserves more recognition. What Dawson's Creek used to be is now a far cry away compared to what it is now.

Definitely Worth Watching, 9 September 2002

This film was a little slow in the beginning, but it was effective in the extent of getting its point across. After watching Robin Williams in so many different roles, mostly in comedy, who would have thought that he could pull off the role as a seriously disturbed employee that works in the one hour photo booth for a store? Regardless, he did wonderful in the wonderful it gives me chills to think that this can be happening in real life. The other actors/actresses were great in the film as well...but Williams just steals the show! It's a definite must-see... and was definitely worth my time.

My Fav out of the 3, 9 September 2002

This movie was a blast to sit through. Yeah it did have a mixture of elements and jokes from the first two films, but it still had enough spark to keep you laughing. In fact, I thought this was the best one of the Austin Powers trilogy... if they are going to have another one, I find it to be rather difficult to top this one..esp with the cameo's in it. You can definitely bet I will buy this when it comes out on DVD.

Blue Crush (2002)
Not Bad for a Surfing Film, 9 September 2002

I was actually surprised when I saw this film. The acting wasn't bad... and the surf sequences were VERY impressive... let's just say we've come alot further if you compare this to other surfing films (i.e. like "Gidget" and the Frankie & Annette movies... but hey I still love them). It didn't drag time either, which was a major plus. If you're into surfing.. or even if you're not, check it out for the surf scenes alone or the scenery that is in the movie.

Mischief (1985)
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One of my favorite comedies, 3 December 2001

It's sad that this film is rarely heard of. The script is great and the cast does wonders to portraying their characters. Doug McKeon plays Jonathan, a cute but yet dorky guy that secretly lusts after Kelly Preston (Marilyn McCully), one of the "hotter" chicks in high school. Along comes Chris Nash who plays Gene, the rebel/loner who befriends Jonathan and promises to get him "hooked" up. The story is so cute.. it's a typical 80's movie plot but nevertheless it is great. Some of the scenes and lines (1001...1002...2000 haha) are hilarious to where you have tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard. If you have a chance to see this movie, I recommend it... it will be worth it!

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My Favorite Trio is Back Again, 3 December 2001

I caught this film one day and I was not disappointed at all. Rock Hudson believes that he is dying and wants to make sure his wife (played by Doris Day) will be fine after he passes away. Tony Randall plays their friend and neighbor who gets involved in the ordeal, making this film a great laughfest. The way everything carries along is great, and once again Rock and Doris make an exceptional couple. As for trio wise, I would definitely have to say that they are my favorite trio ever.. this movie along with "Pillow Talk" are my favorite older comedies!

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Not that bad, 3 December 2001

This was the only version I have seen.... I saw how this was a remake of a remake but I never saw the other two. I wouldn't necessarily say that this movie is all that bad... I guess it could be funnier but it's one of those movies where you can still see the "lighter" side of life or the way things were back in the time it was filmed. Doris Day is cute and perky while James Garner isn't all too bad looking himself, but plays his role modestly and maintains his composure .. even though I'm sure most of us would have reacted quite differently to the situation at hand. Thelma Ritter cut in a few lines that brought a smile to my face... and seeing Don Knotts... what a treat! He certainly added to the movie. I'm not saying this movie is bad, it's not that great either but I think that Doris made better films aside from this one. But.. there again I would still watch it if I happen to get the chance to do so again.

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Delightful Series, 3 December 2001

I was browsing through and figured that I would try a search on some of the older movies/series I used to watch when I was younger.. what a delight to see that Mister Ed was part of them! I miss watching the series so much and I agree that Nick at Nite or some other provider should pick up the series and air it again. I can still remember some of the episodes (such as Ed surfing or the occasional way Ed would pick up a pencil that he used to dial a phone number with) and how much I looked forward to watching it every night. It would be great to see someone even make a movie out of it.. I would definitely go to see it! I would also recommend anyone to watch the series.. maybe you'll love it like I have for so many years!

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Great holiday(s) film and great songs, 3 December 2001

I happen to be a fan of Doris Day's so I tend to watch anything of hers I can manage to snag on television or rent from the video store. When I saw this, I was not disappointed. It was cute, funny and some of the songs in the movie were great (like Be My Baby Bumblebee..haha). Gordon McRae, as always, has a wonderful voice and it was nice to see him paired up w/ Doris. Billy Gray as Welsey made me chuckle with the turkey scene..and Mary Wickes as Stella the housekeeper even threw in a few lines that made me chuckle as well. I love watching it any time of the year, but it happens to air around the holidays more..which actually appeals to me. It's nice to be able to relate to a movie especially when it is based around the same time of the year that you are experiencing at that moment. If you have a chance to see it, I would definitely recommend it.

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