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Funny as hell., 30 September 2001

This show is very funny and hopefully will last. I've really enjoyed Martin Short's parodies of Tommy Lee Jones and Conan O'Brien etc. He is a very funny and talented man. I've also noticed Michael McKean and Jan Hooks playing the other main characters (Adrien Van Voorhees and Dixie). David Herrman and many others also play various characters.

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Just not funny., 29 September 2001

I'll give this movie one thing. David Foley, that's it. The acting is so bad, even for 1986. The plot outlins a boy, Bo Baker (Folet) hired by his uncle who really for some unknown reason HATES him, to uncover a nazi scandle.

Out of 10-3.1 for creativity.

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Not that bad., 29 September 2001

Besides the begining of the Movie when Johnnie gets his head smashed on the gravestone... I'm talking about the stand-in dummy, (which is clearly not a human). But the acting on the parts of Tony Todd, who is aways great, and Tom Towles are tremendous. The changing of the female character dissapointed me a little. I was looking forward to her seeing her brother as a zombie.

Out of 10-6.0

The Blob (1988)
Pretty Good., 28 September 2001

This movie could have been worse considering the surroundings, it takes place in a small town, sorry I don't know where, where nothing really happens. It starts off at a high school football team playing. And the same night a man known as the Can-Man (Billy Beck) is wondering outside crushing cans, when he sees a meteorite (or so he thinks) land in his backyard. So he cracks it open letting loose, The Blob! From there I'll let you find out for yourself.

It stars Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Joe Seneca, Jeffrey DeMunn, Donovan Leitch, Candy Clark, Paul McCrane, Del Close, Art LaFleur, Frank Collison, Billy Beck.

Out of 10-7.1

The worst movie I have ever seen., 27 September 2001

I agree with a comment I read earlier, if you think a young boy getting run over on his bike, and then back over, The people getting out of their cars and taking pictures of his crushed head is funny, then this is the movie for you. I think the whole chain of Toxic Avenger movies should be dragged out in the back of the studio's and burned. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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Stupid., 27 September 2001

This movie was so lame, and dumb that I wish they would stop printing it. I've seen so many children get into this movie and come out laughing their heads off. I don't think that movie's about penises going through heads should be seen by a soul.

Out of 10-1.3

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"We're gonna make doctor's out of you", 27 September 2001

All emotions are running high during this whole movie. The sadness level rises, the happiness level risses, and the overall entertainment through this whole movie. Robin Williams delievers an excellent acting job, the points were he was making the little children laugh brought a tear to my eye. This movie shows great casting, great acting and overall fun.

Out of 10-9.5

Home Alone (1990)
Good., 27 September 2001

This movie was a good comedy/drama. Macauly Culkin did a good showing of work for 9 years of age in this movie. It's basically about the title, Kevin MacCallister (Macauly Culkin) is left home alone one day when his HUGE family is on vacation. And 2 Thief's Marv and Harry (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) decide to rob all the houses on the block in which the family's are on vacation. So they meet up with Kevin MacCallister for a hell of a time.

Out of 10- 6.5.

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Great. Hillarious, 27 September 2001

This movie was HILLARIOUS! The plot surrounds a man, Smiler Grogan (Jimmy Durante) who dies in a car accident in the begining of the movie, 8 people stop to help him (Sid Caeser, Milton Berle, Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hacket, Jonathan Winters, Edie Adams, Ethel Merman, Dorothy Provine) Who find out about this mass-money value involved. On the way, Jonathan Winters bumps into one Phil Silvers (Otto Meyer) a sleezy, greedy, and selfish. A happy-go lucky englishman Terry-Thomas (Algernon Hawethorne), and Dick Shawn (Silvester Marcus). Some other actors who get a "share" in the money Peter Falk and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (2 Cab Drivers) who get a little nosey and find out about the money. This movie also stars:

Selma Diamond, Andy Devine, Ben Blue, Jim Backus, Mike Mazurki, Edward Everett Norton Keaton, Arnold Stang, Marvin Kaplan, Joe E. Brown, Charles McGraw, Carl Reiner, Norman Fell, Paul Ford, Jesse White, Zazu Pitts, Don Knotts and a special appearence by The Three Stooges.

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OH MY GOD!!, 26 September 2001

I for one thing am glad to not found this movie anywhere else besides Video Update. This 'is' in my opinion the worst movie ever made. The plot is about a young boy almost getting drowned one night by his drunken father, almost is the key-word. And that is about the only time we ever heared about his father doing anything else. Alright, I know people who grew up having beatings every night of their youth lives, and became something other than a homicidal maniac.

Out of 10- 0!

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