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Very Pleased., 6 November 2001

This is a very good horror flick. In fact the only one I've seen that actually creeped me out in years. Tony Shaloub give a great performance, the facial expressions, the acting, and dramatic scenes worked really well with him.

Shannon Elizabeth also did a really good role. Nearly 30 finally showed she has more potential then doing stupid teen movies, not saying those are bad but she can do so much better.

Matthew Lillard also did a stunning performance.

Not much else to say but, if your in the mood to be freaked out of your mind, Thi13een Ghosts is for you.

Out of 10-9.2

A Tremendous fantasy film. **Contains Spoilers**, 2 November 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A great movie that had it all. You can laugh, you can cry, and you can have an overall sense of happiness.

Oh sure, some of the sayings in this movie are a little corny, or a little... weird. But sure doesn't every movie? For 1. I think one weird part was the boy reading the NeverEnding Story in the attic of his school. But hey, that's just one fall for this movie.

And you can feel a sense of sadness of when Atreayeu's horse dies in the Swamp of Sadness (the quicksand).

And the whole movie is just very good and very clever. 2 Thumbs up.

Out of 10-9.1

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BAD!!! BAD!!!! BAD!!! Warning, might contain spoilers., 25 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was very dull and in poor taste.

1- The whole nude girl shananagins, just didn't work. I mean did she really have to be naked in every scene.

2- The scene in which the vampire is putting the gun in the Boy's mouth, the boy willingly opens his mouth.

3- This movie is really bad.

The Pledge (2001/I)
Warning! Contains Spoilers., 24 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was very good and well thought out until the end. I thought the whole Jack Nicholson, retireing cop out on a bounty was a very good idea. The movie revolves around a man, Jerry Black. A retired cop, who finds out about a little girl killer, who happenes to kill in a pattern.

But the ending, the whole killer dying before he could catch him was way way too wrong. And we didn't even get to find out who the killer was.

Out of 10-5.4 due to the lack of interest in the watcher.

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Good., 12 October 2001

This show is about the same as 60 minutes, but thats not the point, the point is that its a good news show and good work for those who didn't make it on to 60 Minutes. Now I noticed when I watched it on Thurs. 10/12/01 that during all of this it was mainly surrounded on the attack on america, though I don't live in USA I know what's going on. At the end of the broadcast Charles Grodin aired. And tried to get off the subject by visiting a mall and a relaxation store. This show is very good about news and interviews.

Dirty Work (1998)
If you like "irrevent acerbic humor", 12 October 2001

Life's not so great for Mitch Weaver (Norm MacDonald) he's lost his 14th job in 3 weeks, his girlfriend dumped him, and now his best friend's dad (Jack Warden) needs a new heart! But the only way to arrange the transplant is to cut a deal with a compulsive gambling doctor (Chevy Chase) - in other words find $50,000 dollars or the old man dies. So Mitch and his friend have to rely on their only natural talent, REVENGE!

Out of 10-7.2

Bloody Murder (2000) (V)
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Ugh.., 4 October 2001

This movie was so bad, so horrible, etc.. The acting in this was even worse then dare I say it... Toxic Avenger. This was supposed to be a "Bloody" horror movie, as in Friday the 13th, Halloween and even Nightmare on Elm Street. In this movie when someone is about to be killed, they cut to another scene, then go back to like blood on the wall or something, just not good.

Out of 10-00000000000000000.

Wild Desk Ride (2001) (V)
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Good, Great, 4 October 2001

This movie was a good direct-to video movie. It is filmed at Conan O'Brien's set with cheesy bahama backgrounds.

It's nothing more then a game show that is hilarious with Conan's comedy type.

Panelists: Andy Richer, Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, Kevin Nealon, Michael McKean, Adam Sandler (all former SNL stars), Artie Lange, Rosie O'Donnel, Dave Foley, Jon Lovitz, Seth Green, Seann W. Scott.

And starred some of acting's youth talent: Nick Marino, John Salvaggio, Zak Kraft, Amanda Grace, Eric Lance, Chrissy Lupoli, Matt Bonnar and Nick Richino.

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But wait, theres more!!!, 4 October 2001

If you thought Wishmaster was bad, look out, this movie was 10X worse! I'm saying that the whole concept of a monster Taking wishes, manipulating them, and ending up killing the victims, is just plain screwed. Bookeem Woodbine makes a cameo as a Casino owner.

Out of 10-4.

Zoolander (2001)
Ok., 4 October 2001

Ben Stiller does a fine job in comedy. But playing a male-model is not his field, This movie would have worked out great with the likes of Jim Carrey. But none the less it works. Derek Zoolander, is about to kill the prime minister of Asia <~~ or something close to it. And has to be stopped to think about this by friends/foe. Friends, Owen Wilson. Foes, Jerry Stiller and Will Ferrel.

After his friends all get killed in a "little" gasoline fight, and attempt to smoke during it, blow up. So Zoolander desides to retire and make a new life, But Mugatu (Will Ferrel) Thinks differently.

Out of 10-7.1

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