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This is a list of my personal favorite actresses of all time. I made a concerted effort to take into account ONLY my personal opinion of them, not regarding publicity, era, accolades, offscreen lives, drama, box office success, etc. If your favorite actress isn't on here, its either because I've never seen them onscreen or because they just don't jive with me. You can complain in the comments, but you simply cannot argue with my perspective. If your favorite actress is listed low....rejoice! This is only a list of 50 and a mention on here means I regard them VERY HIGHLY, despite where they may fall.
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A comprehensive list of the 100 women who've influenced how I listen to music. These are the women who've impacted MY life. You may not a matter of fact...I hope you don't. The debate is the interesting part. Enjoy!
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Models are often responsible for bringing the clothing of the world's top fashion houses to life, and therefore are crucial in how successful that season will be for the house. Labels such as Chanel, Versace, Calvin Klein, Hermés, and the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and London are a testiment to how in-demand these ladies have been and often still are.
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These are the men, whose career peaked pre 1980, who have the power to inspire passion years after they've gone. While its mainly filled with men who are merely visually appealing, many of them have also that certain "je ne sais quoi" as well. I've tried to "rank" them to the best of my ability, but its a loose one at that. (P.S. Some of the photos are of the actors in their decidedly "un-hot" era; have a bit of imagination)
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Before you check this list out....expand your definition of what a "great" voice means. It's not only talent but soul, passion, experience, grit, depth, etc. I guarantee you won't agree with this list....but, I'm the one putting it out there.