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from the beginning, 1 January 2007

i have been a viewer since 1963, watched in black and white, was 13, and still watching. i have seen them come and go on this show and it's still the best one on TV. it has had it's ups and downs and always manages to come out on top. remember Jesse? Audrey and he sister Lucille? that was back in the day! i do so miss the Luke and laura thing. Luke just isn't Luke without laura. Anthony Geary has only improved with age. Luke is all that and more. GH also has the best looking guys and the sexiest, is Jax gorgeous or what? Jason is sooooooooo smooth, and all that too. it will always be hard for the writers to top the original Luke and Laura storyline,it dosen't get any better then that, but they have kept me watching all these years. to every one that is associated with the show, keep up the good work