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Unfunny list, take out of rotation, 8 August 2004

I know this isn't a message board, but I have to whole-heartedly agree with the other user who commented on this terrible list show. I am just happy to find someone else who found this special to be completely devoid of humor, despite numerous "comedians" on hand to comment. Although the pretentious and unclever experts from Blender magazine make the comedians a little more palatable. VH1 has already hit rock-bottom with shows, but just in case there is a layer lower than rock bottom, they should never ever again collaborate with the bitter phonies of Blender magazine.

Ass Worship 2 (2002) (V)
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testify! praise the ass!, 19 April 2003

Ass Worship 2 is the quintessential tribute to the topsy-turvy world of anal film. At the very least, AW2 is a vast improvement on Ass Worship 1 in that AW2 treats each succulent ass like its own modern art exhibit. While many filmmakers in the anal realm would resort to the old tried and true "bend and pound", Jules Jordan introduces each actress's ass as an entirely new character to the story. The plot is deeply rooted in the art of fable, in which each scene is a clear battle between good and evil. Ultimately, good overcomes evil in the shape of a multitude of men paying homage to the ass du jour. The filming is flawless and the score, while understated, reminds the viewer of the early days of Yes or Triumphe. But in the end, it is the anal scenes that are the true triumph. So gorgeous and natural that you forget there are other positions.

brilliant DVD extras, 26 January 2003

I'm glad I waited for this movie to come out on DVD because I don't think I would have appreciated it without seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff. Steve and Teri Irwin are fantastic. They are funny, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and truly care about ecology and conservation. But they're not actors; and they know this. My advice to the reluctant renter is this: get the DVD, watch the movie and try not to pay too much attention to the CIA plot. The real fun is watching Steve and Teri "muck it up" with all sorts of deadly creatures. And what makes this even better is that all of the animals are real and it's all Steve and Teri doing the stunts. After the movie, make sure to watch all of the behind the scenes extras. Like how Steve and his long time zoo colleague Wes organized and rehearsed the King Brown snake scene. And how they trained the crocs to attack Steve on cue. There's one take that actually made me jump in my chair, just knowing the real danger that Steve and Wes had to face to get a short scene in. I won't say which one, you'll have to watch them all.