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what a dog, 19 January 2012

It was only after I watched the Golden Globes did I realize that the 2012 Peoples Choice Awards was such a hokey attempt at entertainment. Example...Adam Sandler embarrassing himself (yet again) with another one of his horrible characterizations of some little kid reading a poem (?) The female singer (who's name escapes me thank God) did try her best but at times the raw energy she exhibited turned into little more than screaming at the audience. I could go on but I can't because mercifully I turned to another channel about three quarters the way through the show. Kelly Cuoco did do a decent job as MC given the awkwardness of the set up and the not so funny antics by most of the guests. I'm thinking that the gap between perceived entertainment and audience expectations grows wider with each passing year. The 2012 PCA's was certainly proof of that.

The Swap (1979)
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oldie but not a goody, 8 January 2012

Great material for some future SNL skit. This one was a real stinker even back in the day as I recall. There's not much good that one can say about this film however it does give a reasonably realistic feel for the times back then.... but "groovy" it is not. I think this movie could be redone as a comedy however several attempts may have already been tried (aka Starsky & Hutch, The Legend Of Ron Burgundy,and, well you get the picture). I'm sure Mr DiNiro still winces when this one is brought up in conversation....but hey, it was "the crazy sixties" and decent indie vehicles were just in their infancy back then. The plot is overly simplistic and the film quality is grainy and basically matches the content for quality, or lack thereof. I wouldn't consider this film as "awful" but it won't be on my next Saturday Night At The Movies list for sure. (terrible waste of good popcorn!)

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those were the days, 3 February 2007

As Archie Bunker so aptly put it..."those were the days". Saw this movie for the umpteenth time and still laughed out loud. Outlandish, ridiculously immature, and at times totally unrealistic , Animal House captured the 70's cavalier attitudes towards just about everything even though it was presumably set in 1962. And what can one say about Otis Day and the Knights.... a true one hit (?) wonder but so typical of many of the rock n' roll groups of that era. Time warps all memories but Animal House relishes on making many of our own memories larger than life. If you haven't seen Animal House yet (and that certainly would be a rarity) go rent it now, or for when you're having your next toga party or food fight.

Just Friends (2005/I)
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under the radar, 3 February 2007

A lot of movies fly under the radar and end up crashing and burning ....usually for good reason. Just Friends isn't one of those although this one not only flew under the radar but was darn near invisible. Like many others we came upon this one by chance and we're glad we did. Yes it gets a little mopey and predictable at the end but only certain movies can actually make you feel like you were there saying the same stupid things to those same people you most wanted to impress. The acting was certainly a cut above other flics of the same genre and it makes one wonder just where the heck are these people now? All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this little gem to anyone.

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Simplistic but fun, 29 December 2006

This movie is a throwback and yet in some ways fresh if one looks at todays society. Not much has really changed but the black and white cinematography certainly parallels the plot in many ways. Only the names and places ( well maybe just the names) have changed over the years. It is very simplistic and almost depressingly obvious in it's moral message to the audience. However, this glamorized tour of prewar American urban crime and punishment can be a fun filled way of simply being entertained without having to be subject to todays all to common pretentionist attitudes. This is definitely a beer and popcorn , stoke the fire, sit back and relax movie .... nothing more and certainly nothing less. Enjoy!