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One of the most well-made films of 2009, perhaps even the decade, 20 January 2010

I certainly was curious about "Sherlock Holmes" as soon as I saw the first trailer for it a few months before it had been released, but I wasn't sure at all what to expect. From the looks of the trailer, it seemed it would be focused a little more on humor in the story than actual mysteries and characters, but fortunately I was wrong with that assumption. This may be my favorite movie of 2009 from what I have seen. The weird thing is, I don't consider this a GREAT movie, but a very well-executed one.

Sherlock Holmes is one of those films that isn't perfect but feels like it is when you watch it. The scenery is absolutely commendable, along with the cinematography, and the score is a perfect fit for the main character and time it is set in. We all know from stories that Sherlock Holmes is a man with more than a couple problems, and the perfect man for the role was picked, Robert Downey Jr., because he considerably has had similar problems in his life. He also is a great actor with a certain type of charisma that he can only use to suit the role of Sherlock Holmes.

The story is well-done and everything you see will be tested later on in the movie. Flashbacks to reveal the answers to the mysteries are nicely executed and perfect for the conclusion. The Performances are great from everybody, so there's nowhere specifically to recognize. The personification of the character by Robert Downey Jr. is also directed in a very authentic, accurate way that we can all enjoy.

Overall, if you haven't seen this, it's really fun and enjoyable, the action isn't too over the top and doesn't distract from the real story, check it out, because I consider it to possibly be one of the most well-made films of the past decade.

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The Angry Video Game Nerd, 7 March 2009

I couldn't think of a good enough title to summarize how creative and hilarious this series is. Sure its on the internet, but James Rolfe has shown the creativity that is still within the minds of some filmmakers out there who should be making the movies, unlike most directors we see today. James had no intention of becoming as big as he did, but with an idea like this, he deserved to. We follow the adventures of the Nerd(played by James) as he re-lives the games from back in the day that have tormented him for over 20 years. With his constant swearing, violent acts occasionally, and great in depth analysis of the games he plays, The Nerd keeps you laughing through an entire episode. Somethings about the show that are better than 90% of TV today are:

1)The Writing 2)The THEME SONG 3)and The Nerd

If you'V heard of this before on the internet, you should definitely check it out, because it has to be one of the best ideas that has come across us in a while.

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Carlos Mencia: A True comedian, 7 July 2007

Carlos Mencia was excellent this is hour special. He was working hard to show everybody he was the real deal. I know people have said he's stolen material in this special, but that is not true. Carlos brings comedy up front the way he wants it, not how anyone else wants it, that is why he is so good. People say he's not funny because he says Dee dee dee too much, and they still haven't realized thats part of his act, and they don't want it that way, but he brings it like that anyway, and succeeds in making people laugh. For all the haters out there, here is a message, Carlos is here to stay, you have no point in trying to bring him down.