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Lovely family drama that we can all relate to., 9 July 2004

This film is full of heart. I enjoyed the cast and the story line. This is a story that almost any adult or teenager can relate to. The small new england town is beautiful. Morris is the main character and has many issues to deal with at a young age. His girlfriend and his sister are the people who help his growth. His father is trying to make up for all the bad times. Morris has a best friend played by Ben Savage who shares all the ups and downs with him. There are laughs and there are tears too. It is easy to get involved in this story and just enjoy it. I hope others can enjoy this film too.

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Intelligent storytelling, 13 March 2003

I had the pleasure of seeing this film. Thank goodness for filmmakers who are not afraid to tell real stories. To give the plot away is to ruin the film for anyone who can appreciate intelligent storytelling. I will say that parts of it are sad, but it is about life and how we all touch each other, one way or another. Two-time EMMY winner Michael Moriarty turns in a wonderful, mature performance. I recommend it for all ages, from twelve on up.