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It's so bad it is great, 10 July 2008

This movie is so bad, that it is what makes it great. It will become a cult movie, very much like "El Santo" movies from Mexico. The apparently low-budget production makes you LOL at every instance where you see the improvisation to create pseudo-special effects.worth to see just to laugh and see Gene Simmons grins and expressions. The story is so lame it also makes you laugh. Songs aren't that well performed, but the apparently only chance you will have to see it will be on the kissology DVD, so that will provide other opportunities to watch very good performances from Kiss. if you wish to see a 60's quality movie made in the late 70's watch this one

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Vexing experience, 18 May 2008

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I cannot remember the time when I was wishing for a movie to end and then for some strange reason when you thought that the dialogue would not "give" for more minutes of torture, the writers managed to add 20 minute "tranches" for at least three times in the movie... this movie could have done with 70-80 minutes, but no... we had to sit and watch for more than 2 hrs (I had no option... I did not drive to the theater).

The plot did not make sense... the "un linearity" of the plot confuses kids (not just mine, but all the kids nearby where asking their parents about how to follow the movie), the graphics made you feel like you were playing a video game from the late 90's (PS3 or XBOX 360 graphics, anyone?)

Sheer torture. waste of my time, my family time and my money. Sorry to say this, but it was not my finest hour watching this movie.

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Chaos Theory Explained - Superb Movie and Story, 19 October 2004

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********* Warning ! SPOILERS ***************

If I ever want to teach chaos theory to somebody, I would use this movie to make a point. It is incredible to see how the small mistake of a tax office (a butterfly's flap) can make a storm (the ending hitting on all characters) and the interrelations of events from all the characters (random shocks).

I cannot say more than what has been commented already by other users of IMDb. The only thing I would like to reinforce is that this is probably one of the most impressive stories I have seen (and I have seen many), and is one that took my desire to sleep at night, not because it was scary or anything, but for its thought provoking-ness.

Extraordinary movie. Seeing it is a must. On my top ten list of recommendations

The sheer joy of innocence; one of Bill Murray´s best, 12 January 2002

I don´t want to comment a lot, but this movie is sheer joy. Bill Murray´s acting is one of the best in all his movies. The way he manages to act like he is acting is one of the best concepts in movie making I´ve seen.

Definitely worth the time and attention. Don´t miss it.