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Unforgiven (1992)
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Overblown but solid film, 14 April 2004

I rented Unforgiven last week on DVD because surely a film that won best picture and best director has something going for it. I was surprised that this wasn't a blockbuster type of film, it was more of a simple story in a classic Western setting. It is a well executed film, the only real flaw seemed to be Clint Eastwood's acting in a few scenes. I'm guessing that if I was of the same vintage as people who grew up watching westerns this would seem like a tour-de-force, but as I've only seen a few here and there Unforgiven didn't particularly stand out for me.

I liked it but I was a little surprised it has such a big reputation, and recieved the amount of awards it did.

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Three and a half out of five, 14 April 2004

I don't normally go to the cinema for this type of film, the last comedy I watched in the cinema was Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I hadn't seen the original TV series before so to me this was just Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's latest film, based on a 70's TV show. I thought the film captured the 70's look very well, the hairstyles and clothes had that 70's essence and the only modern thing I could spot was a slightly too modern-looking skyscraper in the background of one scene. Starsky and Hutch isn't one of those laughs-per-minute films so I wasn't laughing all the time, but it is generally a good film; where some comedies can peter out halfway through this one keeps up the energy, and the ending had a few unexpected twists.

Snoop Dogg didn't have to stretch his acting talents so his character works. I really liked the car and I'm not a person who normally likes large V8's (eg. I drive a Toyota MR2), I hope they didn't trash too many in making the film.

Overall it's another above average Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller film.

From out of the 50's..., 11 April 2004

I got this because I like Billy Bob Thornton and the writers behind Fargo, a winning combination no doubt. I watched this while I was also reading a mainstream novel of Phillip K. Dick's (not at the same time of course) which was set in the same time period, so I was in a kind of 50's groove, perhaps explaining why I finally decided to rent it. I though the casting was quite good, and the use of black and white wasn't a lame attempt to lend some kind of artistic integrity to the film. The story was quite good in a realistic way, I wish at least one of the characters had a good outcome but that's more a reflection on me than the The Man Who Wasn't There.

There's none of the typical elements of your typical blockbuster films in here but the account of Ed Crane played by Billy Bob Thornton is enough to keep the interest levels up, and there are some laughs along the way.

Recommended for anyone who likes Billy Bob Thornton or the Coen brothers.

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Good Laughs, 1 April 2004

I took a chance renting this, I knew nothing about the film or Steve Coogan. I didn't rent a bomb, it had some funny premises and there were numerous situations that cracked me up (trying to hide a certain piece of evidence planted in the fridge being my favourite). Coogan does well enough in the leading role, and the rest of the casting's acceptable. I only wish the last couple of minutes were different, the super-happy ending undermines the credibility of the rest of the film. It's not as brilliant as the DVD packaging would lead you to believe but it's worth watching.

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Four Years and Still Trying to Find it's Feet, 29 March 2004

I first saw Rove on channel 9 back in 1999, I liked the vibe, the people, the grungy-yet-trendy set. Channel Ten obviously saw Potential in Rove and poached him after the inevitable channel 9 cancelling (if it's a comedy variety show on 9, you just know it's going to be cancelled in short order). I preferred the darkly lit channel 9 set to the brightly lit channel 10 set but the show seemed to cross over okay in it's first season on Ten. Rove was the sort of show that seemed okay when it was new, but the trouble is Rove never seemed to build on his experience and grow as a host, if anything he's worse now than in the first seasons. Dave Callan didn't stay around for the second season and I've noticed Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant have much more stand-offish attitudes towards Rove than they did in the past, where they seemed like a closely knit bunch.

Rove just doesn't have things together enough to be host of a nationally televised show. I think Australian audiences can be partly to blame here because the audiences of Rove Live are far too forgiving, if they didn't laugh at everything slightly humorous that Rove did he might have to actually try to be funny. "Tonight Live with Steve Vizard" and "Denton", both on Seven, were a lot better than Rove Live just on the strength of their hosts, who were not self-destructive idiots like Rove.

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One of the Most Disturbing Mainstream Shows Ever, 25 March 2004

I caught my first episodes of Ren and Stimpy in 1993 after hearing classmates rave on about how good a show this was. Unbeknownst to me I started watching Ren and Stimpy just when the bad episodes started airing. At the time I could not find any reason at all why a show this devoid of value would be as popular as it was. It didn't take too long before I thought "Why the hell am I watching this?" and left the Ren and Stimpy Watching to others.

Fortunately my brother got hold of some tapes of earlier episodes and I quickly began to see why Ren and Stimpy had a good reputation. It was amusing in a very offbeat way and had a method to it's madness. I wish I had never wasted several hours of my life I'll never get back watching the later episodes but I'm glad I was able to see the early ones.

Terminator 3: Viewer Judgement Day, 15 March 2004

Terminator Three could have been way, way worse than it was. Considering the James Cameron had nothing to do with it, it was a reasonable effort. Not brilliant, but reasonable. It would take someone to really get into the mind of James Cameron to have a chance of continuing his efforts in his place, and as this wasn't done the universe of Mostow's film isn't too synchronous with the universe of Cameron's films.

Mostow isn't what could be called an all-round director, he's strong on action but weak on everything else especially comedy, although perhaps the writers need to shoulder some of the blame. The new Terminator wasn't too bad, it seemed like an advanced model over the T-1000, if nothing else. The only real question I have to ask is what was Arnie's obsession with sunglasses? (I did have a laugh when he put on the first pair of sunglasses though, about the only joke that didn't make me groan).

T3 didn't tarnish the name of Terminator films as much as Alien Resurrection tarnished the Alien films in my opinion. I hope a fourth Terminator isn't being planned as one extra one is enough, anything extra they make will end up being distributed in large numbers as part of future box sets.

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One of those shows, 14 March 2004

"Married... with Children" just has something about it that makes it hilarious, it takes the basic premise of the family and suburban life, and puts the family from the hell in there and just lets them constantly rip on each other. It's a testament to the basic formula of the show that it lasted so long, and was still actually funny right up until the last season (with an overweight, balding Ed O"Neil and kids old enough to have left the house by now). The casting was perfect (except for newcomer Jefferson in my opinion) and the character of Ed was what really made the show. The opening song fitted the show perfectly too. Anyone who has watched the show probably has "Married... with Children" moments to this day when they open a fridge with nothing but an empty milk carton in the door or have thoughts about installing an antenna on the roof.

"Married... with Children" is probably one of America's greatest TV exports, it was a privilege to be growing up when this was on every week and I wish all the castmembers continued success.

"Scrubs" (2001)
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Hit the ground running, 11 March 2004

This show has been brightening my life once a week since it's premiere here, it's been spot on every time and has shown no sign of faltering, it even kept all the cast members in the second season. However, I just watched an episode from season 3 and looks like the dream run is at an end. I saw new hairstyles, dialogue that lacked intelligence or fell flat and a different presentational style. I don't know who left behind the scenes, but it looks like the the third season of Scrubs is the beginning of the end. When a show is this good you always wonder how long it will last, and hope it will last indefinately. Take Chicago Hope for example, the first season was brilliant, then half the actors left and the show took a slow decline from thereon.

I hope the other episodes from this season will still have the magic of the first two, if they don't I will probably go down with the ship anyways.

"Charmed" (1998)
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If only the shows I watched were as popular and had as long runs as this one., 4 March 2004

For whatever reason, these female-based supernatural shows (Charmed, which has been taking up a solid primetime slot here for years, Buffy, Angel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch even) are popular.

The shows I like to watch like Monk, Futurama, Scrubs, The Lone Gunmen, The Chronicle: News from the edge, Ed, keep getting shifted around to different days and times, cancelled in the US or mismanaged by the networks that show them here and pulled off the air. Yet shows that have little appeal to me, like Charmed are shown in an unmoveable timeslot at the same time on the same day, even Buffy which used to start at 10:30pm stayed in that timeslot, had a guaranteed run in the US, and all of its seasons were aired here. And Buffy spin-off Angel has taken over Buffy's former timeslot!

I guess more people are born everyday who prefer supernatural shows with female central characters than people who like science fiction, comedy or mystery shows. Be thankful the numbers work for you!

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