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The best film ever made, 24 December 2006

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Many messages come out of this brilliant film. The one that shouts loudest to me is that our minds are so powerful. Clarence's visit changes NOTHING apart from George Bailey's mindset. He still owes $8,000 and he believes he is destined to go to jail. However, he is happy not suicidal because he appreciates he loves, and is loved by, his friends and family...and he thought he'd lost that love forever. George Bailey's paradigm shift is so powerful. There are so many memorable moments. The telephone scene (has there been a more romantic scene in the history of the movies?), George Bailey's desperate prayer in Nick's bar, 'Buffalo Gals' being sung in the leafy street of Bedford Falls following the prom and the closing shot of the film as his friends and family come to rescue George from financial ruin. If you do not cry at this film, you could not have not been concentrating or else you have no heart.