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Just some movies that any action junkie such as myself should have a look at.

P.S. I'm not claiming these movies to be the best or underrated just enjoyable action movies that fan of the genre should have a look at if they haven't already.

Kung-fu and Western are not included to make the list a little less tougher on me.
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These film's arn't "underrated" or "the so bad, they're good" variety. Their simply movies I like way too much to considered bad. Yet, I know their not masterpieces. I doubt many enjoy these films as much as I do as shown by the ratings.

Also, I don't openly go out of my way to tell people I love these films. I think that's what makes this list a bit therapeutic. I'm able to get it all out. I tried to give myself a criteria and here's what it amounts to.

Any film with an IMDB rating over 5.9 was not included with the exception of Lethal Weapon 4. Which I can't beileve gets an Amazing! 6.5. I guess i'm not the only one with a soft spot Riggs and Murtaugh mayham. As indicated above. I don't think these movies are "So bad, they're good" yet they don't fit as "underrated movies" as well. More importantly if someone was to tell me why they thought these movies were bad. I doubt I'd have a leg to stand on and what they considered bad is probably what I consider good about them.

There's an emotional level that is considered as well as always. I don't laugh at these movies I laugh with them. For better or worse. What you see is ultimately the directors intention. Well most of the time, I believe. Anyways without further ado here's my list. Short and Sweet.

This list is no particular order:
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Critria: Nothing made before 1965 only feature length films (i.e. No - Docs, shorts, anime etc). Nothing with a budget over $500,000. All the obvious choices here. Part of the reason I made this list is I would love to get some recommendations under my critria if you have any please write in the comments section, thanks. Other notable films I've seen that didn't make the list but are good or at the very least interesting.

The Blair Witch Project, El Mariachi, Faster Pussy Cat Kill! Kill!, Napoleon Dynamite, Following, Bad Taste, Easy Rider, Mad Max, Pink Flamingo,

Please don't quote me on the budget's. from What i've been able to look up they all fall under $500,000.

in no particular order:
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The criteria was to have no more then 1,000 users that have rated these films at the time of the making of the list.

I will add to the list later, possibly.

In no particular order: