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Oblivion (1994)
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A fun movie, 22 November 2001

For lovers of Cheese,this movie will satisfy.......The writer,Peter David, is master of not taking things too seriously, and that makes Oblivion a great film. If you enjoy this try Trancers 4 and 5. It is in the same vein and is just very fun........

October 22 (1998)
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Indy film done right!, 11 November 2001

This movie is first and foremost about people. If there is a message to be learned it is you never know how you react under stress until something comes along to test you. People we assume one thing about end up as much different by films end.

A great independent film that shows why indy films are made.

Mallrats (1995)
Much better than it gets credit for being..............., 6 November 2001

Kevin Smith will be the first to ridicule this film. People give it a hard time and I am not sure why. It is exactly what it was meant to be. A well thought out raunchy teen comedy. The characters were real and though this was not comparable to Smiths "Chasing Amy" it certainly was a great film for its Genre.

It is constantly referred to as a bad film because it is compared to other Smith work. Thats bogus because "Amy" was a romantic comedy(perhaps the best of its variety) Clerks was an indy starter film...Mallrats may be the best Teen comedy ever to grace the silver screen.

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perhaps the worst movie ever made, 14 September 2001

there is not a single good thing about this movie.......I rented this movie(as many probably did) thinking that it was Adam Sandler and therefore funny. That is not at all the case. I recommend that all copies of this film get rented and destroyed so as to save people from watching it.

TRON (1982)
A fun adventure that is extremely dated but in a good way, 10 September 2001

Tron is very much a movie of the 80's. The special effects,the story all sing 1982. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, Tron delights me time and time again. The Lightcycle scenes especially delight. If you have not seen it go get the DVD