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I got in a fight with the guy at the cinema
12 June 2005
Alright, I am bias... I don't think I possess the ability not to be. I have read Robert's book "Rebel without a crew", I have seen all of his movies. So, I am a fan of what I feel he is trying to do.

I saw the trailer for this movie, and thought it looked well... like a bad idea. But then I heard that it was his son's idea, and I did warm up to it. That said I didn't go to the theater expecting very much, but I knew I wanted to watch it with the mindset of a child. I have a younger brother, and now that I have seen it... I want to take him. But wouldn't have taken him without seeing it first, as he is still quite young. So my girlfriend and I went, and after a heated debate about film with some cinematic idiot while my girlfriend was in the washroom, we went in to see what it was all about.

So I'm not going to write out all the thing I liked it didn't like as a play by play on this movie. The one main thing that I really hated was the constant puns. But really, if I was a kid, I really think I would like it, a lot. It didn't seem all that different to me than any of the spy kids, and I plan on taking my little brother to see if my theory is true. The 3D worked on me, and while things weren't flying in my face the whole time, it did give the movie a strange depth.

So what can I say, I was in no way expecting cinematic brilliance but I did enjoy most of what I say created before me. I'm 20 years old, and I think I understood what they were trying to do.

So, I don't know... give it a chance. Take a kid to see it, or just try to enjoy it for what it is. But try to remember this, when you are a kid your imagination is insane. My brother tells me the most foolish, crazy stories... because he is a kid. The movie lets imagination run free, and I think that is a good thing.
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Fresh, Smart, but sadly over looked
9 September 2001
When I sat down to watch this movie I knew next to nothing about, only that Rachael Leigh Cook is hot and that it made fun of pop music. I have to say that I loved this movie, it was amazingly clever, very thought out, and charming as the movies star.

This movie was a joy to watch because it was drenched in product placements and ads, that fit and paralleled the movies evil plot. This movie made you laugh without striving to do so. With its subtile jokes, and media literiate references.

I can honestly say that this is one fine comedy, and a good piece of film. Unlike alot of the crap hollywood has been feeding us.

The only major problem with the movie, isn't the movie but who it was marketed to. This looked like your teenage girl, teenie movie. But its a thought out satire of the things most of these girls like. I find that ironic and humorous.

This movie will do better as more people see it, as the word spreads from video release.
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