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Twilight (2008/I)
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Brilliant., 23 November 2008

I thought Twilight was absolutely brilliant. The books, of course, are my favorite. I find them unbelievably interesting, addictive, and well-written. I love the romance, the action, the characters, everything. I feel like this movie did a phenomenal job of bringing Twilight to life. I also feel that if you haven't read the books, you won't get the full effect of the movie. The characters were phenomenal. The entire Cullen family was well-cast and exactly what I pictured but better. The friends of Bella were also well-cast. They absolutely could not have done a better job with Edward Cullen. Bella was perfect as well. All in all, I thought it was amazing. They brought it to life perfectly. I am not an even bigger fan of Twilight than before, which is something I thought was impossible.

Juno (2007)
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A certain sense of humor, 12 May 2008

I thought this movie was absolutely amazing. There's just something unique and hilarious about Juno. Juno Maguff is this girl that doesn't think she's "all that" but is completely real, down to earth, and confident. The whole movie is hilarious from the lame parents to the random music. Although, I do believe you have to have a certain sense of humor to get this movie. They don't make a huge deal of the hilarious parts, you just have to catch them. That's why some people won't like this movie. Although, I loved this movie and I know tons of others that did as well. Watch this movie- I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You're definitely in for some random funny laughs.

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Addictive, to say the least, 5 July 2007

I'm giving Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County a 10 because I'm totally addicted to it! I can't explain it, but apparently it's not just me. I don't know how the writers and everyone made a show about rich teenagers living on a beach so amazing, but they did a good job of it! Laguna Beach is a group of teenagers every year going through relationships, drama, and everything everyone normally goes through! But, some of these girls are the not-so-nice type. And some of the guys are players out of this world! It's interesting to watch all that happen. It's amazing to see what some of these girls will say or do! And it's amazing how the guys act. I don't know, just a very addictive show! I can't explain it. But I love Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County!

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Alright, but don't be expecting too much., 6 June 2007

There was some definite laughs and continued references to American Idol. It was alright, but don't be expecting a movie you're going to love! I mean you might like it, but I'm not hard at all to impress, and I didn't think it was that great. There were parts about people in Iraq trying to blow up the president, American Idol references, it's just a bunch of different things mixed into one. I understand the movie, but I didn't get the point. Some of you might really enjoy it but like I said, I like almost everything, and I thought this movie was bad. So don't go out of your way to see it. If you have some extra time, you might want to watch it then. But don't cancel anything important to see this, it's not worth it.

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Stranger Than Fiction- Highly Recommended- Dramatic Not a Comedy (May Contain Spoilers, but nothing you wouldn't watch the movie for), 15 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I think Will Ferrell, I think hilarious. When I read what this movie was about, I thought maybe he's not funny in this one. This is a serious, dramatic movie. Although there may be some witty moments, it's not a hilarious type that I'm used to seeing him in. This movie is all about this guy that does pretty much the same thing everyday. His routine is his life. He doesn't have a love life, social life, or anything like that. He doesn't have many friends either. One day, he realizes someone is narrating his life and no one can hear the narrator but him. When he confronts people about it, they usually think he's crazy. One day he finds the narrator and realizes it's an author writing a novel about his life. It's pretty entertaining. And it has a very unique beginning, middle, and end. I would highly recommend seeing it. I enjoyed it a lot!

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*American Idol*- A success!, 13 April 2007

I have been a fan since the beginning, and it is truly addictive! Over the years, more and more fans have joined the American Idol fan list! This show is all about bringing all kinds of different singing personalities, and choosing the next big star. The good thing about this show is that if your favorite is really good in the top 10, sometimes they also become very successful, even if they don't win. This show is America's chance to bring a nobody to fame! I think the positive thing about this show is the fact that America has a part in it! When one of my favorites become famous, I also feel lucky that I "knew him before he was famous." Also, the variety of judges really puts different perspective on the singing each week. Paula, a sweetheart who finds good in everyone, can always find a positive thing to say about the singer. Randy usually finds good, but sometimes will just be straight up about it. Simon will most definitely tell you how it is. He doesn't be around the bush at all, and that's what America loves about that type of judge. Through the seasons, we've seen everyday, talented singers, become superstars! The success of the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, has put the show on top ever since! Millions of votes every week, six seasons, doesn't that say something about the show?

This president- This may be exactly what the world needs!, 7 April 2007

I thought this movie had a nice take between dramatic and hilarious. It was very entertaining. It not only was funny at moments, but it also had a story behind it. Like a dramatic story along with some funny moments. It's all about this famous comedian that starts running for president as a joke until he actually gets some serious support. When he's finally elected, he finds out he wasn't elected at all. He's suddenly in a dangerous and confusing position. But it also shows the presidents of today. Somehow very boring and uninteresting. This president knows and tries to fix the issues while being Mr. Personality and hilarious. He's exactly the kind of president that the world could use for a few years. Now, the world is divided into "interesting" and politics", but he makes politics interesting. I really love this movie and highly recommend it.

Mean Girls (2004)
-*Mean Girls*- My opinion and thoughts of the movie. Positive outlook., 5 April 2007

First of all, this movie just really showed how school is for teenagers now. Some people might think that the language and everything was bad but unfortunately, that's exactly how school is now. Mean Girls shows everything that could possibly happen in your junior high/high school experience. It's mainly showing how a nice girl can get taken on the ride of her life and be turned into a mean girl. Also, it shows this vicious clique rise and fall.

The Mean Girls: Karen: In my opinion, she wasn't completely mean, but she was referred to as a *slut* and she was best friends with the mean ones, so she was the least mean of the clique. She was also the dumb one so she had a niceness about her.

Gretchen: Gretchen was a meaner girl. She was a queen bee wannabe. She wanted to hard for Regina to think the world of her. Even though she was probably richer than Regina, she didn't have the high queen bee status.

Regina: The meanest of all means. She could get any guy she wanted, most people could hate her and still want her to like them. She started off with power. Money, friends, guys, she had it all. She controlled everything around her.

Cady: An innocent girl from Africa, experiencing school life for the first time. She gets sucked into the "girl world" instantly. She slowly turns into the Mean Girl.

This movie shows how girls can be meaner than anything you can possibly imagine. Cliques, labels, all of it is shown here. For an interesting view of the high school/Jr high experience, this is the movie. It portrays everything you can possibly imagine. I would strongly recommend seeing this movie, because it has a great truth about it.

Premonition (2007/I)
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I absolutely loved this movie and saw no problems!, 17 March 2007

I don't normally rate movies as a 10 but I loved this one! The whole story was just very amazing and unique. It was thrilling, and confusing, it was the kind of moving that kept you trying to guess the end throughout the whole movie. My perspective changed throughout. This movie keeps you on the edge. It's a little slow at first, but when it gets going, it doesn't stop. This movie is another one of those exciting movies but there's something different about it. Not only does it have a thrilling plot, but it is also very moving. I mean, how someone can create a scary movie and also make it a love story is beyond me, but I thank them for that. This is a movie that in my opinion is worth seeing.

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Not as bad as I thought, 18 February 2007

Well first of all, this show is not as bad as I thought it would be! I thought it was going to be the most stupid thing I have ever seen, but in my opinion, it really wasn't. I rate it a 6 because it is really okay. It's not something I would just tune everything out so I could watch it, but it's definitely something I can handle. It might not be the best actors and everything, but it's really an okay show. I think it's unique and that's what makes it likable. I know many people don't think this is a good idea, but a lot of kids do enjoy it. So before anyone says on a kids level this is bad, maybe you should ask a few. I know some kids that love this show!

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