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Ashes (II) (2009)
A brother and sister, both struggling artists pick up their father's ashes.
21 October 2010
For a truly independent movie which apparently cost $2,000.00, I think this is outstanding. Beautifully shot and acted with both an accurate portrayal of what it means to go for your dreams in LA as well as a relationship of brother and sister which rings true. Broken family and breaking dreams really come across in the writing. It shows what can be done in film making with practically nothing. Puts these million dollar budget pictures in their place. Both tender and sad, this film kept me engaged as well as some very funny spots. This is a labor of love and says there are people out there who still are struggling to put out independent films just for the love of doing it. This business is corrupt and I'm glad there are still film makers who are willing to keep trying.
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