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how can THIS get 11 Oscars??
22 August 2006
i don't get the point with all that:11 Oscars, 9/10 on IMDb.. but WHAT? this is sensed to be something artistic? some postal card landscapes and ridiculous one liners, damn try-to-be intelligent scenes about loyalty and all... there is NOTHING in this movie nor in the two others that can let me say it is a good movie. no plot, no acting, no directing. there is nothing in this movie, and i don't post that to provoke reactions. i truly think it and i don't understand to be so isolated with this point of view. There are well done heroic fantasy movies, like Conan the barbarian, that are seen like average movies and THIS is put on a podium... i hope i'm not the only one it makes wanna puke...
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