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this series was amazing, 25 October 2009

it's very pure science fiction. if you liked the recent movie Moon (2009) it has a very similar feel, but much more heart.

i am pretty upset the show has been cancelled, the series had a conclusion, but i'd have liked to have seen the whole story unfold.

I'm hoping for a DVD, or even a book that explains the rest of the story, i'd pay a lot of money for more Defying Gravity, it was the highlight of my week while it was on.

I have to write ten lines of text

for this to be a full review,

which is dumb

since that's more than most people are willing to read.

take a tip from Amazon IMDb, they make more money than you do.

Also it's insisting on spell checking my English English into American English - offensive much!?

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unforgettable, 29 August 2008

I heartily concur with the previous review.

This film was shown to me in class, it moved all of us very much and at the time was available on video, so I think most of us made the effort to see it again.

Martin Sheen carries this simple film along with a great cast, it is one of the more exceptional films exploring a world on the edge of a nuclear apocalypse. Designed to be quite convincing and very moving.

This film is nowhere to be seen now. If you find it suddenly on your TV, do make the time to sit down and remember the Reagan era when the Cold War still threatened our world. It is an idea so remote only twenty years later.

The ending is extremely moving, I don't want to give anything away but my class was on the edge of their seats as the tension is built superbly. As a Martin Sheen film you can expect a poignant purpose to the story not unlike Wall Street, but far less clichéd than other 'Nuclear' movies.