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Side-splitting fun!, 4 February 2005

I have to agree with the previous review... I DON'T GET HOW THIS MOVIE CAN BE RATED SO LOW!??? My husband and I (white, mid-40s, decent intelligence) found Ice and his movie thoroughly enjoyable! Ice has great comedic abilities and the story was fresh and hilariously funny! It also ran the gamut of emotions! Laughter AND tears--there were several poignant moments of this film which I found endearing and realistic. And I couldn't have cared less if this movie involved black characters, white characters or rainbow characters -- the story was funny and the experiences of children of divorce are universal AND HONEST! Kudos to Ice and the other actors. Anyone who gave this movie less than a 6 or 7 has questionable taste... or no taste. Did they see the Kranks? Now there's a movie which needs some help... but that's another story, Oprah.

Cellular (2004)
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Exciting, exciting, exciting, 28 September 2004

What a surprise! We never expected to be so entertained by this movie! Good plot twist and great story, and we were on the edge of our seats for a great deal of the movie. As far as acting goes, Basinger was very impressive as a frantic kidnapped mother but, unfortunately, occasionally seemed a little too calm for what we thought the scene called for--but we are attributing this to the directing (maybe we missed his point?!) Wm Macy was, as usual, great!! And although we've never heard of Chris Evans, we expect to see lots more of him--he did an outSTANDing job (shades of Cruise). We even enjoyed the soundtrack. See the movie... you'll enjoy the ride!

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Haven't laughed so hard since Something About Mary!, 11 August 2004

We stuck our heads in this movie because we had 15 minutes to kill before our movie started ("Collateral"). Surprise of surprises, we were glued to our seats and didn't want to leave! We're NOT 20-somethings or even 30-somethings, yet we found this entire movie eye-watering funny! These two actors are great at their craft, and their on-screen combination a perfect match. Our only regret is that we can't take our 14-year-old son to see it--the movie makes light of drugs and sex too much for his age (in our "parental opinion"). However, it's no worse in that regard than South Park or other hit movies involving college-age adults (a la Animal House). In fact, it has many more redeeming qualities than AH. Specifically speaking, the not-so-subtle (and rightfully so) social commentary. We hope that part isn't lost in the incredible humor. We HIGHLY recommend this movie to those of you who enjoy movies like There's Something About Mary, Four Rooms ("Misbehavers" vignette), etc. Favorite scenes: two sorority types in the restroom and the two African American men in the jail house!

Dragonfly (2002)
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Outstanding! Deserves a much better rating. Much more than a romantic movie!, 17 September 2003

We really don't understand the low rating of this movie. We would give it at least an 8. One reviewer stated that the ending was far-fetched! HELLOOOOO. It's a movie! Ever see Star Wars, Jaws, Harry Potter? If we're not mistaken, those were "far-fetched." The acting was up to par for Costner, Bates and Hunt. They're always superb.

Dragonfly was quite Hitchcockian in its use of suspense--no gore, no guts, no creatures. It was also not a predictable movie! We thought we had it figured out, but were surprised several times.

See this movie with an open mind! If you do, possibly the ending (and the movie plot) won't be far-fetched at all! If you are closed-minded, you should still enjoy it as an entertainment vehicle--which we think is the purpose of movies. Get some popcorn and enjoy!

Holes (2003)
Holes was an incredible surprise! Great movie!, 27 July 2003

Holes was 10x better than I and my family expected! The characters were incredible and the actors outdid themselves! We felt this was an adult as well as a family movie. The subtleties of the plot could be lost on young children but still entertaining. Sigourny Weaver and Jon Voigt were outstanding in roles totally different from anything in which we've seen them. And Shia will be an actor we see a lot of in the future! We HIGHLY recommend this movie to young and old. One of the best of late. Do yourself a favor, SEE IT! It's a wonderful, albeit unlikely, tale which will make you feel good. It prompted us to register with IMDB just to give it our thumbs up!