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Badass Cool. Hard to define. But you know it when you see it. And of course this list won't be comprehensive, authoritative or objective. Just something in these particular flicks that makes me say, "whoa, this is badass cool. Fire away in the comments with suggestions of titles that make you say the same.
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Not most cinemahistorically significant, not most technically adept, not most culturally relevant or impactful...simply how I like the Coen canon. Put another way, all the above categories are subordinated by the Would-Rather-Have-This-Than-That-If-Limited-To-One-Movie-For-The-Rest-Of-My-Life factor. I know your order would be different. Swell. That, my fine fellows, is the singular purpose of the comments area. Cheers!
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Choose life. Choose honor and clarity. Choose a head held high. Choose family meals and real errands. Choose organ function. Choose old age. Choose rebirth and renewal. Choose coffee and sunrises. Choose a N.P.S. Choose movies with popcorn and apple slices. Choose the buzz of human camaraderie. Choose smooching and love letters. Choose long longing gazes. Choose the sober glow of real life. Choose integrity. Choose better danger. Choose life. Choose fellowship. Choose the Book. Choose grace. Choose bliss later. Choose the long view. Choose a savings account and saving accountability. Choose to be a fix-it man, honey-do husband. Choose your children. Choose together. Choose freedom. Choose life. Choose life. CHOOSE LIFE.
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get the popcorn hot and buttery...
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down in a blaze...
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the exhaustive viewing list from the last 6 months or so. I hate other people's "watched" mega-lists, and thus don't mind if you pass mine by in disgust. Really. It's not for you. It's for me. Actually, I don't care about you and your moment of disgust. Move along.
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Back again...on my back. I've built a suitable nest around me of soft blankets, sudafed packets, kleenex, oranges, pillows, and pj pants. And, of course, another stack of those flicks I'd always been curious about. Let the healing begin!
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movies to watch with el Brosephus...
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So I've bee laid out for a week with a nasty cold - y'know, one of those with the face ache, itchy throat and incessant dry cough - with nothing ahead of me but pajama pants, sudafed and a pile of flicks i'd always wanted to see. Here they be...