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great for the fans, good for the others., 16 December 2015

I just seen it in Brussels, right after work.

Is this a good star wars movie? yes! Is this a good movie? yes Is this a great star wars movie? definitely yes!

Is this a great movie? no, for me not!

the good: i enjoyed myself quite a lot with this movie. Its clearly made by fans, for the fans. It feels and breaths star wars.The transition from 'the old' to the 21st century is definitely spot on.

The acting is classes above all previous movies combined, yes including the original.I grew up with star wars, loving the movies, but unlike many(not all) fans i can be perfectly critical to the flaws of the original as well.

Beyond great and by a landslide the best part of the movie was for sure, the action! the still camera's are replaced by exiting moving camera angles from all sides without ever loosing oversight. things simply looked delicious and total awesome.

But since I'm not a 10 year old anymore :) I also manage to approach this in a more critical way then only the fan perspective!

There were a few things disappointing to me as this is absolutely not a flawless movie. First of all, without spoilers, this movie is 60-70% just exactly like ' a new hope' strip down all nostalgia and re-introduction of the older characters and whats left of 'new story' material is really really thin, cant help it but i was disappointed about that.

I understand the strong importance to connect the new to the old, but this was sometimes trying to be too much 'beying' the old to my personal sentiments. so nostalgic people will of course go nuts,crazy and in full admiration but i have honestly my doubts all adult people specially when not a star wars fan will be equally thrilled.

inconsistencies: there are a few , now i know this is the first chapter of a new trilogy, and lots will still need to be explained. But despite that, there are simply a few things that doesn't make any sense at all or where a bit overly charmingly 'star wars' simplified for todays story telling standards

and then final for me the biggest disappointment was the villain!!! By seeing the trailers i had very high hopes, and having a legacy of total bad ass villains ,how could it go wrong? well asides form a few nice tricks this kylo is a total wimp, specially compared to all the previous baddies, he's without spoiling, a confused insecure teenager, struggling with himself, and not this ominous evil unstoppable powerhouse dark force. as what should be the proper decorum for being the baddie of star wars!

anyway, non the less, overall, i had great fun, and i can not image star wars fans wont have. it definitely makes many of the high expectations true, and is by a landslide better then all the prequels combined. But is this the best movie I saw this year? no. but recommendable. an honest very fresh review

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For being not a fan...i was impressed, 21 May 2014

First let me elaborate my relationship with the whole xmen franchise

As a child I loved the cartoons and series, I later liked the first movie a lot , but everything else after that( even the much appreciated first class) for me felt like ' meh' at it best, not bad or something but in a category of movies i would completely have forgotten next week after.

Voilà that being said my expectations for this were pretty low. If it would had some decent spectacle it would be already fine for me. But wow this movie truly amazed me in a very very positive way.

Story wise, directing, characters, acting,spectacle,music,sound its all form an incredible level, and to me this is hands down the best xmen movie to date i saw!

Very well done mr singer,cast and crew perhaps i become after all a fan of xmen movies :)

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2 hours watching annoying immoral unstable people...., 22 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

first of all I'm no teenager who only likes transformers... i actually like a lot of slower movies but! i had 2 major problems with this movie 1 i had absolutely 0 sympathy for the main characters as i mentioned in the title they where pretty annoying,very unstable and so wrong with morality 2 having such main characters... other than being depressed,they actually doing absolutely...NOTHING! 5min in the movie i started to dislike the main character...she arrives hours(!) late at her on wedding,but feeling any guilt by letting so many people who're loving her wait for hours,Nooo... she found it necessary to go first hug her horse and let the guests wait a little longer... at the wedding its pretty fast clear that she is surrounded by people who love her very very dear (with the exception of the mother perhaps) and how she repays their love... by showing no respect at all, been missing all the time,cheating (!) her husband with some loser,insulting her boss who actually promotes her to a fancy position as a wedding gift so rude he has no option to fire her...torture her horse and insulting every single person who's actually kind to her.. her sister has better morals but boy is she unstable and weak... then finally keither Sutherland character was the only one who i liked just until he appeared to be the biggest coward of them all by taking his own life abandoning wife and child... so for me it was 2hours plus seeing characters i so dislike while they're actually doing absolutely nothing most of the time... at the end i was actually so glad that melancholia planet hit earth and everybody died...seriously i was happy... 2 10 hours of my life wasted only recommendable for those who like what i just described,otherwise avoid it like the plague

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saw it for FREE!, 6 March 2011

otherwise i would be in my worst shitty mood imanigable.

first of all i didn't now anyything about green hornet(except its superheroalike), i just wanted something light to digest on a Sunday afternoon...

i thought superheroes where characters with a cause, a mission, or at the least... a SKILL! this protagonist is a dumb retarded moron who annoyed me already after 5 min. also these days, gluing random 'supposedly funny scenes together is called a script? to much to complain about to this movie, but not worth the effort as i will have forgotten it already by the half of next week

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Sex and the city,.... for men!, 16 August 2010

I laugh at many of the hate comments as what the hell did they expect? a romantic comedy? award winning performances? deep dialogues? Freudian complex character study?

common give me a break!!! from the start you should know this is all about guns,explosives and one liners from start to finish and homage to silly 80's and 90's action flicks. and this is simply exactly what you get!!

while i will never understand what most woman think so great about sex and the city( fashion? shoes? what the hell?)

so this is for men/boys who will be thrilled to see their old heroes from back in the days once more on screen kicking everybody's ass! (and no, i can appreciate intellectual and deep movies, but it often simply comes down with having the right expectations)

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Thank god..., 10 April 2010

I saw this for free, otherwise i would never forgive myself.

as an admirer of historical,mythology and epic material,I went to this movie with very low expectations, no knowledge at all about the original movie. I just wanted an exciting entertaining thing to watch,...

dear lord this movie was indescribably bad

this is an insult to cinema, this is an insult to script writers, this is an insult to all directors in the world ,this is an insult to all special effects ever created, this is an insult to Greek mythology, this is an insult to the meaning of 'epic' ,this is an insult to all actors in the world ,this is an insult to my intelligence.

this movie was so weak, at a certain point you just don't give a damn anymore! epic waste of time, millions of dollars wasted to 'create' this?

horrible, avoid AT ALL costs! don't even watch it for free! if you have developed even just a little bit sense of critical judgment, you are not going to like this

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9€..., 30 December 2009

...I better invested in something else. my expectations were low, but I always give things a chance.the only thing i was hoping for was it contained at least some nice tensfull atmosphere throughout the whole movie.

for me, the movie started promising, the opening scene was well appreciated. but after that everything started to go downhill very very fast.I'm not wasting my time to describe every flaw in detail, as I have already lost too much time by watching this wreckage. but in general: too much predictable clichefest( you truly don't even need to see the movie to know the ending), too much implausible events, or acts by the characters. to much of bad stuff unworthy to talk about.

presumably highly appreciated by 12 year old, people who've never seen similar movies like this, or people who lacks criticism,... for all other people: avoid it like your life depends on it!

IF you ignore your sanity and still want to see this, i can highly recommend you don't spend any money for this,... not on DVD, especially not in the cinema.

Dossier K. (2009)
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Better then the first movie, 12 December 2009

this is one of the finer products of Belgian cinema.

jan verheyen, truly transcended his own abilities, by delivering this excellent piece of work. this is a very well directed story, brought in a gritty, visual style. the acting is class. the story is wel paced, balanced.the casting was beyond excellent.especially the Albanian actors convinced very much. also an impressive composed soundtrack which have all the right elements to translate the gloominess , drama and tragedy very well.

if you like drama, you'll love this, if you like crimemovies, I can recommend this the only minor point to me are some jokes, but those that didn't ruin the whole movie experience for me. highly recommendable, not only for Belgian/dutch/Albanian people, but truly for everyone

Collateral (2004)
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what we learned??, 20 August 2009

if I was a highly skilled top class assassin i would;...

1.never taking a cabdriver hostage to drive me around, why risk so much, while we have an incredible invention like GPS now these days.

2 but If I had a cab driver taking hostage, what are the chances I'll having morality conversations with him all the time, or even more school him some labor laws,or how maintaining his self confidence and he should go for his dream girl,... utterly strange if you ask me

3 I also would absolutely never keep a dead body in my trunk,for obvious reasons, shouldn't basic training learned me to erase,dump or get rid of all evidence and tracks , especially if its a body?

4 i would never draw so much attention and expose myself as tom c did. pulling a gun kill 6 or more men in a dance club with hundreds of witnesses is more like a Rambo style, not assassins style. also executing 2 gang members by firing 6shots 20 yards away from a crowdy pedestrians is in my opinion not the best plan to do. but if Michael Mann is directing you you can comfortably get away with it:-)

5 I think if i'm really that good and experienced assassin, I would be able to remember the 5 names you are about to kill in case you loose your information

6 so if then my gutless hostage of a cabdriver is the one who's responsible for losing and destroying my briefcase with all its contents. i would probably not forgive him and execute him right on the spot.

7 to retrieve some data with the big boss, why should I let do my hostage do that? the man lacks confidence and probably have never seen a gun up so close before this day,... oh yes lets send him into lions hole full of vicious mobsters to do some convincing acting performance? OK then,...

and last but not least. 8 being skillful, masterful professional, highly trained, experienced assassin, I would probably win a Mexican standoff vs an amateur who probably never fired a gun before,...

but then again I'm not a hit-man nor a movie maker

Brüno (2009)
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I pity the people who don't understand this kind of humor, 10 July 2009

Personally I do not understand bad reviews and comments on this. if you can't see the humor in this , I think there is is something wrong with you and not this movie.

of course humor comes in many forms and is very personal and subjective to anyone. but please, if you open up your mind a little bit, you'll "understand" the humor of it and if you do, you will laugh your ass of and crap your pants( seriously it almost happened)

to me this was way better than borat. of course one could never tell 100% exactly which jokes were staged and which weren't , but anyway the movie is highly entertaining and it provided me many many laughs.

humor is about provoking(IF YOU MAKE A JOKE? YOU'LL ALWAYS ALWAYS PROVOKE OR HURT SOMEONE ON THIS PLANET, even how innocent it might be), Sasha baron Cohen, combines it to another form of humor: exaggeration and he does it to the extreme. some people will be uncomfortable by it , but for me it really worked out well and no I don't hate America , black people, or fags. but i really like to laugh with stupid, narrow minded people

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