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Very heartwarming, 14 January 2007

One of the best motivating and human filled emotional films I've ever seen, every moment, scenes and instances in the film are so related to each and every part of us, cant help but help the relation between the character and oneself. The film has taught me whats life one of the most important meaning is all about. Money and selfishness has reign as terror and shown its ugly side once more. A movie which in spite of the period of time it was filmed is still very much relevant and a must watch again and again film on top of my list, a movie that you can recommend to friends and persons you feel has the weight of the world carried over his or her shoulders.

Poseidon (2006)
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Movie to watch over n over again, 24 December 2006

Another great film by Mr. Petersen. Great cast, specially the way Ms. Stacey sang the song "Wont let u fall". I felt the emotion flowing throughout her song. She s really..... GOOD! In this movie,one can see the greatness and overwhelming love of parents, and unity that makes hard things possible. Hoooray also goes to people working as stunts n back office people who Im sure put their hearts out making every scene so natural n realistic. Im always fascinated with movies that involve ships mishaps. Just like the movie TITANIC, I feel the extreme intensity running throughout the film. Again, CONGRATULATIONS to the team behind this movie.