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strange.but interesting.:), 17 August 2008

wonderfully acted, especially Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman. This movie is something, i just stumbled upon and since i am a fan of strange not very commercial films, this was ideal.It gives you this strange pleasant feeling in the end, which is unexplainable.However, it was an interesting movie and the script is amazing. Kudos to Kar Wai Wong.Plus jude law looks extra yummy, and they all seem to really love eating in the film.Although it was a bit slow, and i felt like i am in a country song, kind of like a norah jones song but yet it was strangely beautiful! i really lked that statement where she says, "how do you say goodbye to someone you cannot bear to live without", "i never said goodbye, i didn't say anything, i just walked away!."

Umrao Jaan (2006)
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Beautiful., 17 December 2006

A gripping story that makes you love your LIFE! comparing anything i say takes you if this movie is compared with a old version which may be better in its own terms then you are gonna find thousand flaws and end up not liking the movie very much.I did not see the old version.maybe thats why i was so unbiased.and I'm not a person who compares. everything should be viewed as its own.this is a remake and people had expectations and when you have expectations you always end up getting disappointed.if someone actually saw the acting was beautiful and the dialog entry was fabulous. it was a movie worth seeing. a story tat will grip you.