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Apocalypse Now was so boring..., 3 July 2003

What's with these people, how can anyone say this movie was good. Brando was in it for the last 20 minutes, but he saves the movie. Although it sucks so much, 3 hours of boring s***. This team is sent to terminate a colonel who has raised a small army himself (American colonel) and all it is is 3 hours of muddy terrain and river crossings. How's Brando credited as the main actor anyway?

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Marlon Brando's Oscar nomination, 27 June 2003

For anyone who likes Method acting (Marlon Brando) and wants to learn about acting should watch this movie. Although it might get boring and long at times, it's entertaining the rest of the way. It was a Broadway play before it was remade in Hollywood, and Marlon himself performed 500 plays of "Streetcar." The best actor that ever was and ever will be is Marlon Brando, as he proves it himself in this movie.

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On the Waterfront, 14 April 2002

I've watched this movie once, and i've always been interested in Brando, and especially his life. I watched this movie and it's great, but too bad Brando isn't like he used to be before. He used to be something, now that he's older, (and I've read an article about him in Rolling Stone) he's much worse. Something happened to him, but it's all good.

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Good movie for teens, but not a good movie in terms of direction and the plot., 25 December 2001

This movie is great for teens, and I knew it wasn't gonna be great in terms of direction and plot, but I knew it would be funny. So me and my friend and brother rented the movie, although there was some controversy over if we should rent it or not. I thought Yeah, why not? But my friend thought it would be bad. When we finally rented it and watched it, we laughed many times, but the movie overall wasn't great. What I'm trying to tell the reader's is that Scary Movie 2 is a movie for teens to see, not for adults, because it is concentrating on jokes and less on the film direction and writing, which messes up the whole plot. So, I liked the movie, but wouldnt' say it was a great movie. So this movie is for teens to enjoy, but not by themselves. When watching the movie it should be in a party or with many friends, and I did watch it with my brother and my friend, that's why we enjoyed it. I'm sure my cousin would like it also. So the movie is strictly for teens, and to be watched with many people.

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One of those movies that can cheer you up, no matter what mood you're in. 8/10., 25 November 2001

Very good movie, and I'm not surprised because I love Chevy Chase and most of his films are great. Fletch I loved and European Vacations I saw before, but can't remember much from it. This is a great movie about a vacation where each family member finds something fun to do, and all of them enjoy it until the father realizes it's separating them apart. Amazing movie. All in all, I enjoyed it and recommend this movie to cheer someone up.

Braveheart (1995)
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Vital information, 2 November 2001

If any of you have read my reviews on Braveheart (1995), I stated that it was a terrific movie. I still think so, but I just wanted to get out some words of other people that commented on the movie a long time ago, but no one actually reads them anymore because they don't know how to get to the older ones. You got down to the comments index, and it's highlighted. Click on it and it will have a history of the comments on Braveheart or any other movie. Then, I read a great review of two people. Please read on. One of them stated that in Scotland, beside the William Wallace statue, there is another statue of Mel Gibson and people are leaving flowers on it because he made the movie and made Wallace famous again, I think that's their point. I disagree with that because it's not hard making a movie when you have millions of dollars. Also, the other stated that Gibson, the director, was asked by a Scotsman why he didn't film the Battle of Stirling Bridge actually on the rebuilt bridge, Gibson said that the bridge would get in the way. The Scotsman said, "That's what the English found too." Why doesn't Gibson talk about Braveheart on any of his interviews and is, in my opinion, ashamed of it? I think that's one of the points. So to any Gibson fan, who consider him a great man, if you sit down with him, by yourselves, you'd find that he's nowhere near the stature or the hero that Sir William Wallace was.

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Jesus, Mel, can you make a worse choice?, 29 October 2001

Well, to start off with, I'll be very realistic and tell you why I hate this movie. But first of all, Gibson was born with a talent, which he hasn't used very well throughout his career. He made Gallipoli and Braveheart, the only good movies he ever made. Now, this movie is a bad movie because the storyline is dumb, although someone may say it was original, but it was still dull and boring. The acting was horrible, especially by Gibson. Mel has to make some kind of a better body language motion in the movie than just swallowing after being scared. Helen Hunt was horrible, and the only movie I like of hers is this old series, but I forgot the name. The directing is simply the worst and thank god Gibson didn't try to direct this movie. I thought Gibson was something, I admired him a couple of years ago. Now I know what kind of a man he is. What kind of a man takes this kind of movie in his filmography?

Ronin (1998)
Not an inspiring movie, if that's what you're looking for. 8/10, 28 October 2001

Great movie that I enjoyed. It's been a while since I saw it and don't remember much, but it was full of action. Don't be dissapointed if it doesn't inspire you, if that's what you're looking for. It's one of those action films, but now I don't watch those often. I rather watch serious drama films.

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Surprisingly good movie, 9/10. Don't see why this didn't win an Oscar., 26 October 2001

I watched Finding Forrester and I discovered that it was made in the year 2000. I don't understand why it didn't win the best Oscar. Sean Connery gave a fine performance and Rob Brown should've won the Best Actor Oscar. The movie was near perfect, except that the beginning started out slowly. If you haven't seen this movie, I think it was great and I think you should watch it, especially if you're a teen and trying out for the basketball team. The movie gives you the whole explanation of it.

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Filled with action, great acting and I loved the storyline. 8/10, 26 October 2001

This movie was great, but I saw it in the originial French version, so I had to read the captions in English. The movie was great in means of action, the acting was great and the storyline interesting. Me and my family watched this fillm and it was beyond our expectations. We loved how Nikita changes thoroughout the movie, although I didn't see the beginning scenes. She is captured inside a prison and is given a chance to live. She is like a terminator, although only killing the people that don't deserve to live. Much better constructed than the American movies. Rent it if you haven't seen it.

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