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A Great Rebirth of the X-Files
28 July 2008
I just got back from seeing X-Files: I Want to Believe and being a fan of the series, since its debut I really enjoyed it. Sure its more a Monster of Week episode, but that is what helps this movie. You don't go out a make a movie 6 years later after the series ended, especially when the fans have moved on with a movie that deals with the mythology of the series. The reason being is that people tend to forget and you want to attract new viewers, people who would go out and buy the series.

Now if a second movie does come along, I'm sure it would deal with the mythology of the X-Files, but just treat this movie as a jump start for the X-Files franchise. If your a fan of series, like I am, you've got to see this movie. Don't read the reviews, go out and decide for yourself.
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Hancock (2008)
Not That Bad
7 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First off this is NOT your typical superhero movie, if anything it's an anti-hero movie. It starts off showing a typical day in the life of Hancock and all the people who hate him. He tries to help, but the people don't care for a drunk bum with an attitude who nearly destroys the city. Throughout the movie you see Hancock trying to get better for the good with the help of a publicity representative, who Hancock saved earlier. This movie has a feel good tone for it, since you are rooting for Hancock to get better and it shows that he can turn his life around. So if you go in thinking you are going to see a typical superhero movie, don't bother, since you'll be disappointed, but if you want to see a feel good movie with a superhero twist, you won't be disappointed.
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The Mist (2007)
There's Something Out There
26 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just got back from watching this great horror movie and what a thrill-ride. Writer-director Frank Darabont has made this movie, like a horror should be made, just like Hitchcock, you build the suspension and don't show anything until you have to.

We don't really see what is out there in the mist until mid-way through the movie, which makes you want to scream at the characters on screen, when they do something stupid or when the creatures attack. My heart is still pounding from the excitement and I'm sure your's will be too. I was kind of disappointed with the ending though and I'm you will be too, but what a movie!
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A Snooze
26 October 2007
This movie had great potential. Steve Carrell is great as a soon-to-be syndicated advice columnist on a journey to find himself, but I found myself falling asleep. The movie is like watching somebody's home movies that were edited together with a love story twist thrown into the mix. Sure the movie has some funny parts, along with some sad moments, but it just doesn't work. Also the soundtrack had some lovely tunes, but I think that it would have worked with some '80s or '90s pop songs, instead of the sappy guy playing a guitar in a high pitched voice. If you're a fan of Steve Carrell's and you're looking for a good comedy, you're better off watching him on The Office.
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A Must See Classic
26 October 2007
When growing up outside of Chicago, WGN or PBS would air this classic every Christmas. My dad would watch it and of course I would watch it with him, but being scared out my wits when Marely showed up.

Recently I bought the new 2-disc ultimate Christmas Carol from VCI and I must congratulate them on an excellent transfer. The picture has no scratches or dirt, but there are few bright white spots in the film, but its 56 years old. The sound is awesome. Sure the 5.1 surround doesn't really work with all the talking, but once the orchestra kicks in, its like they are playing in your house.

If you own a previous copy, its worth the upgrade for the sound and picture alone, but the special features are not the best and the commentary will make you fall asleep.
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Why A Remake?
11 December 2006
In 1974 Rankin & Bass created a television special called "The Year Without A Santa Claus" that is considered a classic along with their "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" special.

In 2006 NBC decided to remake the classic as a live action movie of the week with John Goodman as Santa Claus. My question to NBC is: "Why did you do this?" The movie did not need to be remade and it does not work as a two hour movie. The story seems just seems like a writer took the story and had to expand it somehow by throwing in some filler to make up the time. NBC has ruined a classic, I hate to think what they will try next year.
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Night Stalker (2005– )
Pretty Good
7 October 2005
Let me first off by saying that I haven't seen the original Kolchak: Night Stalker and I probably won't now, since it won't be the same after watching the new series.

I look at Night Stalker as a new series, since it really doesn't have anything do with the original show, at least from what I seen posted. It has all original stories, great character development, plus a team of people behind the scenes who know what they are doing. I think if this was a direct remake with re-hashed stories, this wouldn't have worked.

Back when the original show came out people didn't really have to see the gore or the killings, etc..., because of great set-up, but times have changed since shows like Law and Order and C.S.I. show all of gore, which really kills the dramatic aspect of a story. Sure sometimes its necessary, but sometimes just seeing a shadow of someone will work just as well.

If you haven't seen Night Stalker yet, I really recommend watching at least one episode, before you make up your mind.
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Threshold (2005– )
17 September 2005
After watching the first hour of the 2 hour premiere I was disappointed in the character development. We knew where Carla Gugino's character Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey came from, but nothing really of other characters. I felt like I tuned into the second episode and not the premiere episode.

It did have a X-File-ish feel to it and the story was great, but I have gut feeling that this show will be cancelled after this season if they don't have character development.

Remember that a show can have a great premiere, but will the writers be able to top it with the remainder 13 plus episodes?
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Supernatural (2005– )
One word: Awesome
17 September 2005
During the 90's I was a big fan of the X-Files to this day I still am. The X-Files had great stories and character development, which is needed for a great show. Supernatural has that from the very first episode. I admit that I missed the first 10 minutes of the show, but I knew exactly what happened and where the story was going. Most shows you tune into after the first few minutes your lost and you lose interest, unlike Supernatural. CBS's Threshold, may not live up to the X-Files, but Supernatural does.

One final note, as long as the WB doesn't do any tweaking of the show this series will last for quite a few seasons.
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