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Raw, tragic, and beautiful, 27 January 2012

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I saw this wonderful film at Sundance this year, and while some of it was difficult to watch, ultimately, the relationship and its ups and downs made for a compelling two hours.

The lead actors (especially Thure Lindhardt) were wonderful, and the film captures New York and a small part of its gay world in a way that made me feel like I knew it.

It's remarkable that this film--a story of a tumultuous gay relationship and crack addiction--was ever made, but I'm glad it was. I love that it was, and I feel like I understand addiction (to both drugs and to relationships) in new ways. At times dark and dirty, and at others bright and beautiful, I highly recommend this film.

Goats (2012)
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My favorite from this year's Sundance, 27 January 2012

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I was lucky enough to score tickets to the premiere at Eccles on Tuesday, and I consider this the best film from this year's lineup at Sundance. Funny and touching. I saw fourteen films, and this is the one that's living on in my head. The acting is amazing! Graham Phillips is not only an attractive kid, but he carries the film with the finesse of a much more seasoned actor. My friend was bugged by Wendy (played by Vera Farmiga) but we're supposed to be bugged by her! Farmiga pulls off the selfish, new age, nightmare of a mother in a way that somehow manages to be touching, hilarious, and a little disturbing. And then there's Justin Kirk as Bennet: perfect a**hole. Hysterical. I'll never look at a red Speedo in the same way again! Duchovny has never been better. He *IS* Goat Man.

Great direction from first-timer, Christopher Neil. Cinematography made me want to go to Tucson.