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You know.. for kids!, 14 August 2004

I have to admit, there aren't many movies that warrant a 10 rating from me, but this is absolutely one of them.

Something about the film just works. The Coens are geniuses when it comes to making movies that I really can enjoy. I admit, I first saw "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?" and loved it so much. I had no idea this was by them too, and had I not seen a "Making of" on a show on Discovery years ago that showed how the scene where they fall off the building was done, I probably wouldn't have ever decided to TiVo this fine film.

The direction technique, acting, jokes, everything just works. This is the kind of movie that stands out in the crowd, makes me want to buy it on DVD and show it to everyone I know just to make them see what people miss when they read reviews by people like Siskel and Ebert, who gave it two thumbs down, but don't give a reason on their site.

Other movies I would recommend are O, Brother (Also directed by the Coen's) and Army of Darkness, which, maybe coincidentally, stars Bruce Campbell who plays a reporter in this movie. Bruce is his same old self. he has a presence, and is great in the few scenes he's in.

Tim Robbins is wonderfully cast as the lead in this role.

The elevator operator lent a wonderful character to the movie.

The two Cab drivers in the Café who perform the "I got gas" Bromo commercial type bit, were great narrating Norville's encounter with Amy.

The guy in the News room creating the Crossword puzzle with a Scrabble set asking people questions for clues. "The guy's a real moron, as in a five-letter word for Imbecile."

The music, oh, the music is wonderfully suited to the film.

There isn't one part of this movie I didn't like, honestly. I could watch it quite a few times before I got sick of it, then take a break, then come back and watch it again.

Highly recommended.

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Not the same..., 3 July 2003

The voices do not sound the same. Ren is still the same guy, but he voices it different. Stimpy is some unknown guy I've never heard of and he does a really bad job of it. I can not watch this (Even though I am trying to right now...) because of this. Why couldn't they get Fry to do the voice again? It's not like he's busy with another cartoon!

This is just as bad as bringing back TMNT. At least they didn't try to "X-TREME" it up like TMNT though.

Remakes like this are literally ruining memories of my childhood. It needs to stop now.

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Words can't describe it., 24 June 2003

If you tried to describe the show to someone, you couldn't. It didn't work for my friend when I tried to get him to watch it, but since he hated South Park when I told him to watch an episode (Damien) he assumed this was as bad. Sucker. He misses out on all the good shows and complains there are too many bad ones on TV. This is/was NOT one of them. This show was freaking hilarious when I would watch it every week. The night I saw the promo for the Series Finale I did a double take and said "SERIES Finale? SERIES? WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?"

The show only lasted 30 episodes and I had half on tape before Comedy Central decided to cut it short again in reruns at 3:30 AM a year ago, so I gave up. Now I am excited that they have finally put them on DVD and can once again enjoy them all. I just wish they'd get all three out ASAP. I can't wait. And it's just a good thing they're not the usual $40 like some other shows with short seasons are. This will make a great addition to my collection. Whoever came up with the idea to put TV shows on DVD is a genius and deserves a Pulitzer.

The show was basically about a teenage runaway who decided to get her life back together, so she moves in with her Step Mom and Dad and Brother. It's really hard to describe the layers of stuff this show has. There's no way! You have to watch an episode to understand. I suggest the Cult Two-parter or the Violin Prodigy episode or the School Play episode. Three of the best. Guaranteed to leave you in stitches, or you have absolutely no sense of humor.

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My teachers were easier, but..., 22 May 2003

This show is very funny. Another show from 1986. I never saw it when it was actually on TV. Most of the 80's was spent watching The Cosby Show for me. I was a child. So I have to watch all the best shows of my time on Nick at Nite and TV Land 20+ years later.

Now that I'm watching it, I know what I've been missing.

Most shows today don't even begin to meet the standards shows like this have set.

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"I HAVE a plan!" "Oh God.", 22 May 2003

When I first discovered this show years ago. It was so long ago to remember I would watch it all the time every Friday on ABC's TGIF. I absolutely loved the show. I didn't watch from the start, only when they moved it to TGIF. I still remember a few key things that happened in the series. Like when they got the new house. Or Balki painted that painting in his room. Or when Balki's mother came to America. The show always had me laughing.

I would watch TGIF religiously from its start to its end. I watched this show 'til the series finale in 1993. After that, TGIF had some great shows come and go, but this was one of the finest.

It is now on TGIF at 4 AM Eastern. I am watching it right now. It is the episode where they quit the Second Hand shop and get a job at a Diner. The episode is hilarious. As are all of them. I am cracking up.

Despite what some say, it DOES pass the test of time. It's timeless.

"We so happy! Now we do the dance of joy!"

When Balki would speak Meposian or sing an American song, pure comedy gold.

Balki: "I love this machine.. it does Shrimp too.." Larry: "Balki, we don't serve Shrimp." Balki: "I know, but if we did, this baby would fry their little tails off."

Balki: "They're pulling the parking meters out of the ground!" Larry: "Oh my Lord. It must have been a Hockey Game."

Perfect Strangers. Perfect Ten.

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Nick at Nite.. where are you??, 22 May 2003

I never saw the show when it was originally on. I seemed to catch most 80's shows when they would go into reruns in the early 90's.

I absolutely got hooked on this show every day after school in reruns.

I am a computer geek and I got a kick out of the "Technology" behind it.

The neighbors were your typical annoying neighbors which made them great. The daughter with the crush on Jamie, the annoying parents always coming over. At least they knocked... or did they?

I haven't seen this on TV in a while, I keep hoping Nick would pick it up along with Alf and Punky Brewster. But alas, not yet. Maybe some day they'll get the point.

DVD would be better, but I would never get the time to sit down and watch all 96 episodes (So close to the milestone 100!) so I'd settle for Re-Syndication.

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Nickelodeon's last good series, 22 May 2003

Yes. This was Nickelodeon's last actually watchable show. Well, aside from SpongeBob which I hated at first but actually liked once I got a job at a Toy Store.

Either way, this show had so many great moments. It was ALWAYS entertaining and until Nick decided to go all "Extreme" and start canceling the good shows and putting nothing but pureed s**t on the air, I would watch this every Saturday Night during "Snick". Is "Snick" even still on? Not that it matters. I'm 23 now and I still get a kick out of Kenan and Kel.

The convenience store owner (Who also starred in Head of the Class in 1986-1991) was one of the best characters. Always having problems.

Kenan's sisters crush on Kel was perfect.

Kel's love of Orange Soda and his tendency to always piss Kenan's Dad off in every episode was perfect.

Kenan's schemes were golden. And at the end when he would come up with another plan and tell Kel to grab "A Tricycle, a Bowling Ball and a tube of glue and meet me at the Resivoir." or stuff like that I would always crack up.

Now. The Amanda Show. God that is horrible. Sometimes I wish they would cancel Nickelodeon. If only you could cancel a TV Network. It had a good run. Now it's time to pack up and leave.

Same with the Disney Channel. It was good until it became all Extreme and hip. And when they added commercials.

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Another great 80's sitcom, 22 May 2003

To be honest like many others, I actually watched the cartoon as a kid first before I even KNEW that it was a live action TV show when they put it on the Family Channel. (Back before Fox bought it and then sold it to ABC)

When I finally got to see the live action show I figured it was based on the cartoon. Not that it mattered, I liked this much better. I don't think I really liked Glomer actually. Though when I saw the live version the first time I was curious as to where he was and relieved he wasn't there.

I would watch this religiously when it was on the Family Channel after school. This was a couple years after they stopped syndicating Small Wonder and it filled the void left by that loss.

I'm amazed at how Soleil Moon Frye turned out. She was a cute child who grew into a beautiful woman. She hardly looks the same!

She was on VH1's "I Love the 80's" (hich reminds me, I really do love the 80's.) last year and I finally caught it last month. When I saw her as an interviewee and read the little caption at the bottom and it said who she was, I was like, "Get out of here. That's her?" She was on an episode of Saved by the Bell a while ago (Ok, so it was over 10 years ago.) as Screech's gold digger girlfriend. (Oddly enough, it's not credited on IMDb.) and she still looked like she did as a kid. Amazing.

The father figure, George Gaynes, was perfect in his role.

If they put it on DVD, I would probably think about buying it, but I'd much rather take it one at a time on Nick at Nite. Now. If only they'd pick it up.

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Childhood is Bliss, 7 April 2003

There are a few things I remember from my childhood. One of them is this show.

I remember the Christmas morning I received an NES thus thrusting me into the world of Video Games. A few years later this show premiered and I loved it from the start. Maybe the jokes from the live action sequences seem cheesy now, but back then they were entertainment to a 9 year old.

I watched this show religiously and got real disappointed when it wasn't on those few rare times. The cartoon was my favorite part. I would love each episode Monday through Thursday. But wasn't really that big into Zelda having never played it, so at first the Zelda cartoon didn't interest me, but eventually I grew to love it. Of course when I finally played Zelda for the first time and noticed the huge differences between the cartoon and the game, (Think the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power. Where were THOSE in the Zelda game?) I was confused.

Back to Mario.. I watched this show religiously, but when it turned into the horrific "Club Mario", I knew the end was coming. That was the worst part. The live action sequences of Mario and Luigi were replaced by two Bill and Ted-esque Teens. (Though, Bill and Ted didn?t suck. These two did. I prefer not to talk about them.) Thank GOD the cartoon was still there.

Fortunately I still had Captain N and the Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World cartoons to keep me happy for the next couple years... until they all just stopped. Thus the end of the golden age of games.

What I wouldn't give for a box of Nintendo Cereal and a couple tapes of the Super Show.

Super Mario 64 (1996) (VG)
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Mario Needs to Return to His Roots, 7 April 2003

I remember the day I went to Toys 'R' Us a few months before the Nintendo 64 was released in the US. They had Mario 64 on display. I grabbed the controller and for the first time, I felt like I was Mario. I experimented, jumping, running, crawling, everything Mario could do. It was the most fun I had in a while.

When I woke up Christmas morning 1996 and opened my N64, there was no game. Unfortunately the demand was so high, my parents were lucky to even get the console. So I had to wait 3 months before my Uncle called and said they had some Mario's up where he lived. We had him send us one and in a few days we got it in the mail I was so happy! I get to finally play for real!

I played and played and played and finally beat the game. Then I went back and got all the stars and beat Bowser again and again and again! This game has such a high replay value.

I have a craving to play it now.

To be honest though, Nintendo really needs to release a real Mario game. Go back to the block breaking, Goomba stomping, fireball spitting, water diving, blooper dodging, pipe warping Mushroom Retainer saving roots and give us a new Classic Mario game. Maybe throw in some SMB2 elements for good measure. I'd rather play a game with familiar objects than something totally new. Mario Sunshine, Mario 64, Luigi's Mansion. Good games, but not what us old-time game players are craving for.

Let's hope the next Mario incarnation brings back some familiar elements.

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