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Great movie, Great Acting. It keeps you guessing..., 14 December 2006

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This is one of the best movie i have watched and Denzel washington's acting is top-notch as usual. Denzel's character is hard to figure out and its not until the end of the movie that u know what he truly is. But throughout the whole movie u'd try to make guesses on what kind of person he is because of what happens and what he does. Ethan Hawke also played a great performance as a rookie cop who just wants to be detective. The language in the movie is very vulgar. But that just makes it more realistic. And the violence, i'd say there was not much of it. Oh but there were a few pretty violent scenes. I'm used to seeing Denzel as the good guy and seeing him spouting vulgarities and being kinda crooked, its a surprise. But he does it really good to because the whole show is about manipulation and u dunno if denzel's character really is telling the truth or is he just out to play u. The movie isn't that famous i think but this is the kind of movie for mature adults.