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It's bizarre, has twist and turns, well done, and has some gore and sex ., 9 September 2009

I found the movie well made, it has many moving parts that were brought well together. Though this movie I would recommend to people that are more naturally inclined to bizarre movies, and probably could handle some gore. I thought it was well executed. I've seen my share of movies, that are simply about a hunted house, and some cliché drama, but this one has a little extra juice to it. Is probably more bizarre, and in my opinion interesting. We have the two main actors, a teacher that sells books, on the stories of the dead. And the kid that comes into the picture, that might have some sort of psychic ability, their also the technician that helps author, but also seems to have crush on her too.(My opinion)

So they go check out the house, then you think where it might be headed, but then the story unfolds with a twist. Then the ending is even more bizarre, but I found it great. Wasn't boring, well acted, well done. A nice little hidden gem, to people that like movies based on plot, and are not just the same old, same old.

The Eye (2008)
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Descent thriller, 17 May 2008

First am going to admit I didn't watch the original. Am not a guy that likes to watch foreign films, so I will spare you with any comparison. The movie at the beginning moves sort of slow. They do put some parts that are meant to scare the viewer, but they did seem contrived and really didn't scare me. But as the movie plot thickens, the movie starts having a real story, and it does entertain the viewer, not just a gimmick of spooky special effects, with absolutely no plot. I would give this movie a 6.5. It turns very solid towards the end.

I do agree it could be a little bit tedious at the beginning, but if you are a guy that has the patience, towards the end, it picks up well. Not the scariest movie ever though, but in the end, it did deliver. I've seen way worse, and I think some are being somewhat to harsh.

Solid move, a 6.5.

Sharkwater (2006)
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Humans are primates out of control., 11 April 2008

I mean, if you see this movie, and just watch the news in general. Like one of the guys in this movie says. Humans are just primates out of control. Couldn't agree more. This movie is about the Shark dilemma, a species that has survived for over 400 millions years, and now finds itself close to extinction, do to humans. Now you might say am generalizing people, but its hard to argue against the complete destruction we have done to many species, and ecological systems of the planet earth.

The movie just doesn't deal with the dilemma of the Sharks, but also the dilemma for the people that try to actually do something about it. The corruption in this business, the fact Sharks are not as dangerous as we have been told.

Must watch.

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Sappy, corny, simplistic, not great, 25 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is outlandishly overrated. I thought it could be funny, considering it has Steve Carell from 40 year old virgin, and Dane Cook, a very funny comedian. Was I surprised, by how sappy this movie got and lack of comedy relief. Carell's character Dan, in the corniest fashion, in a library meets this girl, then later he finds out its his brothers girlfriend. The family is having a weekend get together. So they both have a crush, or in love, while acting like they don't know each other.

If you are a person that expects a fun movie, this is not for you. If you are a sappy person, this might be your type of movie. And of course it has those sweet, predictable, happy endings, that we all love. (sarcasm alert)

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Some people just don't get a simple ending., 18 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I seem to get the notion from reading some of the comments, a very simple ending seems to have bother people. Or most simply didn't get it. Spoiler.

Hackman confesses, to killing the girls. Watching the movie, I as the watcher, and most people following the movie, will have to assume Hackman is as guilty as it can get. Then the twist, someone else did it, Hackman just confessed, because the cops push him to the edge. Considering his marriage was basically over. The had been caught with prostitutes. And constant aggressiveness of the police, he basically gave in.

This goes back to a larger point, many people confess, many times, do to the cops pushing them to hard. Some nuts even give false confessions, to get attention for someone else's crimes.

This movie was really good, really like the ending.

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Watchable do its acting, but overall drag, 21 December 2007

There is good things and bad things in this movie. The good things, Ricci and Jackson bring their A game in their acting, some of the cinematography is good. But the story itself is quite tedious and boring. This is movie that could put someone to sleep. Had some drama in some parts, but their is long drawn out parts, that are pointless. I know is about setting up a mood, but It didn't do it for me. I don't mind the vulgarity of many parts of the movie, it did add a more real dimension to the movie.

It was watchable film, the acting was great, but some of the plot was just kind of lame.

Day Zero (2007)
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Amusing film, 20 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was entertaining. Am a guy that really only values entertainment when watching movies, yes their is a political agenda behind the plot. Especially in this political climate right before the elections, this movie could have an impact one way or another. Or just be food for thought, and create chit chat about the issue of the draft War coming back, a plausible premise. But I found the movie entertaining, to the point of being amused, and had quite a few chuckles and took it more like a movie that was intended to entertain than actual message movie.

Spoiler alert parts that made me chuckle .

Chris Klein character wants to bail out and he just got drafted, he figures into going into a gay bar(dude is married) and hooking up, because that way he will be able to avoid the draft, dude instead goes crazy in it.

Elijah goes has a list of things to do and hooking up with a hooker part is quite amusing, and the kid literally goes insane around the movie. It was funny.

Then we have the tough boy, that wants to go and kick some ass and feels his friends are cowards for not wanting to defend their country . He gets into it with anyone that doesn't agree. But the guy finds a love, and then you see a small transformation on the way he feels about going to War.

The movie was entertaining, the premise is not that flawed, but the writers went a little bit over the top in a point of trying to get their point across. But was quite entertaining, it was supposed to be a message movie, I thought it was a funny movie, it just came across that way, but it was entertaining, that is why I give it a 7.

Primer (2004)
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?????, 10 December 2007

I think the problem with this movie, you probably have to watch it a a couple of times, is like if the writer, director, producer intentionally leaves big gaps in plot development, for the sake of making this so called radical films, that are underground dejour. Or maybe the fact from reading this, the guy is amateur, and really didn't have a good enough production budget, to fill in the gaps of the story and had to work with what he had. Interesting concept, I like that it feels like genuine film, in how they talk about technical terms, even if was a little bit confused at times. But the part that bothers me, is some simple character parts, or plot parts, they intentionally made them very brief, making believe this film lost focus, or like I explained, they just didn't have an enough budget to really go out and fill in the gaps.

Might try to work my brain again, watching again another day, but as of right know is just a big....

Factotum (2005)
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Recovering alcoholics need to stay of this movie., 3 November 2007

I swear, I felt like taking a nice swig of some liquor, after watching it. This movie, is character driven, and Matt Dillon plays Henry Chinaski, a quite amusing character that calls himself a writer and goes on about life hitting the bottle, and finding new jobs and going through the motions with total disregard of it, the movie doesn't have an overall theme though, is just a more casual movie, with a very entertaining in a dark way character. The constant bar scenes, the constant drinking, that dark lull of it, has an odd and quite dark attraction to it. Some will say, that Chinaski slow crawl to degeneration will make someone be turn off to drinking. But quite the opposite, at least for me.

This movie is not recommended for everyone, but if you stick around long enough, it could be a nice surprise though.

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Safe bet family movie., 21 October 2007

Is a cute family movie. Has some funny parts. Rock does hold his own part in his acting. Is a safe bet, that doesn't take many risk, pretty formulatic, but if you go in expecting more than this, you should be knock in the head for having no common sense. It was more like a 6.5, though I gave it 6 in here. Rock plays Joe a pretty conceited quaterback, that out of nowhere his daughter, that he had no idea about, shows up. And of course he doesn't know anything about how to treat a young girl that is already 8 years old, so they have a couple sets up, that are okay for some laughs. This movie is recommended for a families, it does't take many risk, but is a descent time. Some little kids in the theater were laughing like hyenas that was kind of annoying though. Though this movie didn't grow on me, because it was a lil bit corny, it still doesn't take away that it was a success.

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